Week-end Check-in, Saturday & Sunday, March 2 & 3, 2024

Good morning all!

Today is CatheLive day, so I did....
CatheLive- "Cardio, Upper Body, Core Circuit" - 42 min.

Enjoy the weekend!
Happy Saturday Everyone!

Linda, nice workout and my thanks. You provided a great review of your suspension trainer and how you use it.

I ended up buying DH a discounted Bob & Brad suspension trainer for Valentine’s Day. He absolutely loves it and has been using it regularly.

Today I did KCM Circuit Burn Cardio/Boxing premix 31m + Cathe Stretch Max #1 - 22m

A wonderful weekend to all!
Nice mix Lannette doing KCM Circuit Burn Cardio/Boxing premix 31m + Cathe Stretch Max #1 - 22m. Two of the best, I think….

so glad you got a suspension trainer. I like mine a lot. And I like Bob & Brad too!! :)
Happy Saturday & weekend girls:)

I have to apologize because I'm on fumes having only getting 4 hours sleep, which is especially bad for my MS symptoms.
So I'm doing a drive by check in, no time for personals as my bed is calling me back for a nap.

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Strength-
WORKOUT WITH ME!-30-Min Full Body Strength Training w/ Db's
= 35 Min

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling - Live New Ride = 57 Min

Nice workouts today ladies, well done.

Enjoy your weekend;)

Good Sunday Morning Everyone,

Today I did a Strong & Fit Cathe Live for legs and shoulders.

Nice workouts yesterday everyone. Nora - I hope you got enough rest to work out!

See you all tomorrow.
Wishing everyone a nice Sunday!
I hope you got a good nights sleep Nora.

Today I did Pilates: Stott Group Stability Chair 40m + Bar Method Seat/Thighs & Seated UB 6/10 - 20m

I had to laugh at myself. The chair workout I did has you do 10 supported hanging triceps dips. I did all 10 fairly easily and was feeling pretty ferociously strong. Then I realized that being lighter probably has as much to do with it as being stronger and had to readjust my celebratory strut around the gym. :)
Beautiful day, so I took a walk which was 30 minutes(is the actual walk time) with a 10 minute hiatus while talking to a lady who opened a craft store with projects you can buy and either do there or take them home.

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