Week 2 Week 4/26/21 - 5/2/21

Hi all

Today was CL PHA 2020 and yoga, We having been walking in the mornings as well.

Have a great day.
Hi Lisa & Geoff,

Today was KY 11m, Cardio Trifecta 44m, Beginner Cadillac Sequence 30m - This felt amazing! Like a massage.

Sunny and warm here but apparently rain is moving in.
Hi all

Today was CL High/Low Hiit and yoga. We try to walk every morning before we start the workday,

Have a great day.
Good Morning,

Today was KY 11m, Stott Essential Stott Stability Chair 45m, Aerobic walking 15m, Cadillac Stretches 5m

I’m working on my plan for next month.

Beautiful clear day, the rain held off!

It’s great that you wa
Hi all

Today was Yvette Metabolic Cardio. Her workouts are a real challenge.

Lannette - I also used to plan my rotations in advance. Now I just take it week to week.

Have a great day!
Hi everyone,

Today was KY 11m, Cardio Trifecta 44m, Cadillac exercises 20m

Lisa - Using a plan for my workouts has really helped me rebalance my body and heal my neck and other older injuries. As they say in marathoning, your mileage may vary. :)

I preordered Cathe’s newest. I think they’re going to really help move me forward. They should come right around the time I’ll be looking for a more traditional challenge.
Hi Lisa and Geoff,

Today was a Restorative day - KY 15m, Cadillac Stretches & Breathwork

I did pull together a new rotation template. Not very different but has the potential for more variety. My goal is to try to hold my new found core and hip stability and improved movement patterns with two additional exercise genres.
Hi all:

Today was CL Mixed Impact Hiit/Core and yoga.

Lannette-have you been battling inquires for a while? I pre-ordered the bands. I am sure the workouts will be OnDemand.

Super windy here today!

Have a great day.
Hi everyone,

Today was KY + Cadillac 11m, Reformer UB/Reformer/Core 34m, Gaiam LB yoga 30m

Lisa, Coming up on 2 years ago I took a bad slip and ruptured 2discs in my neck. My neck has actually been better for a while but in working on realignment in order to reduce the discs my chiro and I started working on misalignment from a crushed tailbone when I was 12. Amazingly it’s possible to make those changes and what a difference it makes!

I haven’t been able to see her since the pandemic began but I’ve kept up with the work we started. My body is still old but it acts and feels young.

Geoff, I hope all is well.
Hi all

Yesterday was a rest day and today CL Lighten Up Total Body and a Sydney Cummings Stretch.

Lannette my husband has neck issues as well. He goes for accupuncture/stim/massage once a week. It has made a big difference.

Have a great evening.

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