WB only able to do workouts from computer?


I have Snow Leopard for my iMac and see that there are issues so I'm not going to d/l but I had some questions for when the bugs are worked out. How does this work? I saw something about WB on my Imax 2 DVD and briefly checked it out but wasn't impressed. Is this only for making premixes on your computer? Then do I need to burn a DVD to taking down to my TV? (my iMac is a 27" same as my old tube TV in the basement, but all my equipment is down there, while my iMac is in the kitchen...I've only done one workout up here via the iMac.) I guess it would be interesting to be able to burn a DVD and use it, but seems like a lot of work when there are so many good premixes.

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Workout Blender is for downloads only

No, the WB is not designed to be used to burn a DVD. Instead you sync to your iPod or iPhone and then connect your mobile device to your TV or you stream them from your computer using Apple TV to the TV you work out in front of. The WB is also not designed to be used with your DVDs. You use the WB with Premixes created from digital downloads from our Cathe Downloads site.
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