Video Clip of Strong Upper Body With Core


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This is a short video clip from our 25th Cathe Live production of STRONG UPPER BODY With Core that was first broadcast on 10-23-14.

Solid intense upper body weight training designed to bite (ouch!) Equipment needed: A full sized step with three risers underneath (to act as a bench only, no cardio) varied set of handweights ranging from 5's up through 15's and an exercise mat.

The full class is about 57 mins long and is available to Cathe Live and OnDemand subscribers at


I have tried most of the Cathe Live workouts. They are all fantastic but this one was - beyond! It was tough and enduring. My hands/forearms were shaking during the workout and time just flew. I even did the core work at the end. Loved it!


I just finished this one.... wow! This will be my new go-to when I want to do all upper body in one workout... and I particularly liked all the standing core work, really felt it. Thanks, Cathe!


Did this one yesterday. Serious DOMS!!! If the style and weights in the new workouts are anything like this, I would love it. This was a great upper body workout.


Did this one today. This is a serious upper body workout! Every muscle gets totally fried. Love it! [emoji123][emoji123]

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