Video Clip of Cathe's You Can Do Anything For a Minute


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This video clip is from Cathe's (Thursday, April 21st at 9:15am EST) "You Can Do Anything For A Minute" Live workout and is our 98th Cathe Live production.

Arrrre youuu readyyyyy??? One minute of non stop drills!!!! Experience a wide variety of movement, exercises and equipment. The order is random meaning there is no followed pattern. The only guarantee is that you'll play hard, sweat hard and crush calories!!!


Full sized step with two risers per side
Barbell with two big plates on each side (about 45 lbs)
Various weighted dumbbells 5's, 8's,10's
Medium tension resistance tubing
Firewalker loop
Fitness Mat

*Now you can workout with Cathe almost every week at her Gym no matter where you live! All broadcasts are recorded and may be viewed whenever you like 24/7.Sign Up today! Learn more about Cathe Live and OnDemand or sign up at


Just did this one this morning, it has now ranked up there as one of my favorite Live workouts, this and the PHAT 2....awesome. :)

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