User Guide only not DVDs...?


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Thoughts on just purchasing the user guide and not getting the DVDs and doing the entire STS program?

I know someone posted something similar - but wondering about not buying the DVDs at all, just the user guide.
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Hey Randibeth77,

Not to burst your bubble.....but isn't that like having a car manual but not buying the car?
Cathe provides so many helpful tips, advise and direction on every exercise - nothing in the market compares to STS.
It's worth investing in the DVDs rather than the user guide. You'll be burning calories faster than you can consume the eye candy!


I watched the dvd's several times and they are terrific, but the workout manager allows you to print out the workout and I use that while lifting. I think the DVD is invaluable and I recommend having them, but I like to do my own thing during the actual workout, if I need more rest I take it and crank up the music I want to lift too!. The important part for me is getting close on the 1RM's but the video is excellent on showing form etc on each lift.and I went thru each one prior to doing them. Good luck, this program will definitely change your body for the better if you make sure you are pushing yourself to failure or near failure when called for. Your gonna love it!! ( after you hate it!)

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