Undulating Warriors Feb 1st-7th!

Hi Ladies

Just came in from my run on the treadmill. Did CC6, which is perfect for a treadmill run, lots and lots of sprints. :) It was a great run, and I am pleased with my numbers.

I bought Imax2 and Low Impact Circuit this morning. I have not been able to do BodyMax2, made it through the warm up, and that's about it!

I am still planning to do MMA Boxing, but I have to wait for a tow truck to arrive to tow my son's car for us first.

Cathy - Did you like kickbox? I hope your step arrives today and you DH is happy for you.

Heather - how did your run go? I was going to plug some Sean phrases in here, but my memory is a total blank, must be post-run endorphins.:D

Tomorrow - Back and Tri's and I think I'll do cardio blast.

MJ- Hi ya! Miss you!

Tara - Are you enjoying that last few days of your two weeks off?
Hi Warriors!

I think I was feeling a little like Heather on Tuesday. After working out & posting, I got tired! I was trying to clean and just felt like I had no energy. I think I needed some more carbs too. I have been staying within my WW points, but I think the combo of doing intense workouts & trying to stay around 1500-1600 cals/day just took a toll. I rested and ate more calories on Wednesday (maybe a few too many) and now my energy feels back to normal. :) I just need to listen to my body more--maybe take 2 rest days/week instead of one--we'll see how it goes the next few weeks or so.

Today, I did MMA Fusion. I feel that I really am officially a Warrior! I can take anyone on in a fight, HYAAH!!! (Yeah, right). It was a fun workout in that sense. It challenged my flexibility quite a bit. I couldn't do all of combo 2, but got through most of the rest of the workout. I was going to do Legs right after, but decided to wait. Tomorrow, I do HiiT 30/30 and Back & Biceps and then get to Legs on Saturday.

Heather, I'm glad you got your energy back too. I wish I had a good suggestion for substituting the roly poly moves. In my case, I hoping my flexibility will improve as I lose weight & that will help me be able to do those moves. I also have a hard floor (ceramic tiles--no carpet), so I ordered some rubber flooring (that you can piece together like a puzzle) and hope that will provide some cushion/support. I think unconsciously I have some hesitation to roll on my floor because it is so hard & I afraid that it will hurt my knees and back. It's tough to figure out what to do to modify in the meantime! I think burpees are not a bad idea. :)
I think Circuit Blast is do-able even while doing STS. It uses weights or the band in intervals and it is lighter, brief intervals. For the most part, I felt fine doing it right after Chest, Shoulders and Back. The cardio only premixes are a nice option as well, as Cathy suggested.

Janis, I hope you enjoy LIC, Body Max 2 & IMAX 2. I don't have any of the IMAXs, but I like LIC & Body Max 2. It took me awhile to get down Body Max 2. LIC seemed simpler to me & it's a fun one with good 70s/80s music! BodyMax is a great cardio workout. I usually do the warm-up, step routine and then the cardio blasts/leg circuit. By then, I pooped and don't bother with the upper body weights. I always feel like a superwoman when I finish through the blasts/circuit--it's definitely a calorie burner!

Cathy, I love your pic! I have to say after reading your posts, I'm getting frustrating with UPS too---I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of your step so I can hear your review! ;)
I think your DH should appreciate that you love exercising and that part of what keeps it fun is buying new DVDs and equipment every so often! Besides, I think after using a step for almost 20 years, you're definitely entitled to a new one! :D Great job with doing MMA Kickbox!

MJ, Hey Lady, miss you around here! Hope all is well & that work is being nice to you!

Oh yeah Janis---I am enjoying the last few days of my 2 weeks off, although my job has called me daily since Tuesday! Next time I take time off, I'm going to have to go far far away! ;)It's been nice being able to tell them, "I'm on leave, you have to figure that one out yourself!" Probably means, I'll have a lot of stuff to deal with come Monday!

I'll see you all tomorrow!

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My step is here. It's sitting by the front door and DH hasn't said a word about it. ;) No doubt what it is, because it's just shipped in it's box which is covered with pics and information about the step. Tara it may take a few more days before I can report on the step. If I wake up early enough on Saturday, I may try and do a short cardio, but that'll be it until geez maybe Thursday :(

Janis I really like the MMA Kick Box workout. It's just the right level of cardio for me right now. I think I like KPC better, but I liked this one better than 4DS KB or Kick Max.

I'll be very sporadic posting until at least Monday afternoon. Tomorrow we're gone all day: class, shopping/errands (boys at friend's house) and then packing tomorrow night. Saturday morning thru Sunday morning I'll be at a retreat and then home briefly before taking the boys and heading to my parents for the Super Bowl game. Then Monday we have a class at the zoo on the way home from my parents. Upon arriving home I may just lay on the couch and stare into space for a number of hours.

Ok, in reality only parts of it will be crazy. The retreat will be fun and I get to sleep all night with no one child or cat potentially waking me up. At my parents, I'll actually have high speed internet and nothing to do beyond get the boys food and take care of our dishes. So, it's really just the next 24 hrs that are going to be crazy hectic.

Off to make my shopping list now.
This morning I did Disk 6 Legs!!! I did drop my weights down a bit for most exercises, and my legs at times were shaking worse than Elmo :D but I did it! It felt great to finally be able to do a regular leg workout again, though I may be paying for it tomorrow. I stretched afterwards and usually after STS legs I try to soak in a hot tub for awhile, but not time today.

Tara I took the step out of the box last night and I must say just from a visual and the feel of it that it is MUCH nicer than my old step and not just the regular step, but the high step, too. The step itself is heavier and sturdier and the surface just looks so much nicer. I'm not sure how to describe it but the textured lines that run across it are much closer together and it has a softer feel to it. If I get a chance, I'll give it at least a short try out tomorrow morning. I have to leave here at 8 a.m. tomorrow, so it'll only be if I wake up earlier enough.

Enjoy your day all!
Good Morning Warriors

This morning I got up and did Disc 5 Back and Triceps. It was another good workout and I think that I am going to just leave it at that today. I had planned on doing Hiit pyramid but my legs are really sore from my run yesterday and STS legs the day before that. I have two sick boys this morning too so I need to take the hint and slow down before I end up like them!

I really am not sure what to do tomorrow...run or Butts and Guts....maybe both!

Cathy - Don't you hate when new stuff comes and you have to wait to use it! The step sounds like it has some cushion built in? Have a great retreat weekend!

Tara - I think you should definitely wait to do the roly poly's with the puzzle pieces! I have those ontop of the carpet and my back is still sore! I think that I am going to save Circuit Blast for the rest week for now!

Janis - CC6 is a killer! The last challenge sounds easy but man that was hard slowly increasing the speed to finally getting one minute at all out... especially after the other two challenges! My legs were paying last night!

MJ - I know your out there! Hope all is well.
Talk to you all soon
Happy Friday Warriors!

I did SC-C3 this morning, what a fun workout. The roll backs to kneeling and rollback to pushup jump ups weren't bad at all. I think I am ready to give Fusion a third chance.

Knocked out Disc 5 while I was on a roll. My god, why in the world does Meso 1 seem so bloody difficult after Meso 3. Great workout. I need muscle repair fuel now.

Cathy - have a great time at your retreat, and I hope you get started on your poncho. :)

Heather - I almost bailed on that last challenge in CC6, but then I looked at my heart rate, which had not fully recovered, so I went for it. Good god, I was sweating bullets! Fun though.

Tara - Way to go Warrior Woman! Congrats on MMA Fusion, you can take on the world! (or at least your co-workers! lol!) Thanks for your encouragement regarding my journey with Step workouts. I can't remember why I bought BodyMax2, maybe I thought the step portions would be easy - ha! I needed a primer first.:D

MJ - I truly hope that all is well in your world, and you are able to squeeze in your workouts.:)

Tomorrow I am going to do Disc 6 again, and give MMA Fusion a whirl. :D
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Hi Warriors!

Just a quick pop in to say hello and that I am still alive. Been reading the posts but havent been around long enough to post. Things are ok, still lost in my own head overthinking life, but it will pass or, most likely, I will get sick of myself thinking and just get one with things. lol Anyway, I am at work so cant post much now, will try to catch up tonight or tomorrow.

Btw, thanks for the support from a far, I miss you guys too. :)
Quick hello - my glutes and especially hamstrings are talking to me quite loudly right now and I KNOW from experience that when that happens I will be really hurting the next day. I may not be able to manage anything but stretching in the morning even if I have time.

Janis I'm hoping to start the poncho, but the friend who is supposed to help me has a sick little one and may not make it. There will be LOTS of knitters there though, so I may find someone else who can help. Derek doesn't really want me to go. Told me he likes me and wants me here. :) When he asked about going with me, I reminded him that the only kids there would be infants and toddlers and he quickly changed his mind. :D Nicholas has a basketball game and will probably barely notice my absence. DH will notice because he'll have far more things to do than usual. ;)

Sounds like everyone is having great workouts - fun, fun, fun!

MJ glad you stopped by and hope to see more of you real soon.
Happy Saturday Warriors

I think that I may take a rest day today. My chest is very wheezy and my DH said that I was "gurgling" last night in my sleep. So I guess that I will stretch or do yoga. The thing that is weird, is that I feel fine otherwise. Maybe I'll try Step Moves and do no jumping and just try and get the sequences. I started yesterday but gave up mid way through... my heart wasn't into it so I cleaned the house instead.

We are going out for dinner at an incredible restaurant that only seats about 10 tables and the chef's menu changes every night. I am very excited but I was hoping to get a run in so that I could feel less guilty about having a little extra. Oh well.

Cathy - Isn't it nice to be missed! I actually am a knitter too. I haven't done it in such a long time (since kids were born) but I have made sweaters, ponchos, blankets etc... crocheting too. It can be very beautiful and I love how it keeps my mind occupied while doing something else! I may have to start a project now that you've but a bug in my ear!
Hope you had a great weekend

Janis - The sun is out and it is pretty chilly but crisp... I so badly want to run. But this is the right decision... right!

Tara - How is your weekend going? Did you do Back and Triceps?

MJ - Nice to hear that you are out there! I hope you can find some clarity!

Talk to you all soon
Good Morning Warriors!

I did disc 6, again, this morning, the time flew by! When we got to the last calf raises I was astonished that we were almost done. I did a couple little things around the house, got more water and launched into MMA- Fusion. I really do not know why I struggled with this workout the first time and gave up too early on my second try. Third time is the charm. What fun fun fun. And a great workout. I was drenched, I mean drenched in sweat when I was done. I guess I really needed to kick some ass this morning. Lol!

Heather - YES! You are right! Listen to your intuition, listen to your body. Resting for a day or two is better than being down and out for a week or more. :D

Cathy - It's good to get away every once in awhile. I know they will appreciate you, all the more, when you return. I hope you have (had) fun and learned a lot.

MJ - It is wonderful to hear from you. I wish I could lift the weight off your mind/shoulders. Warriors help each other in battle. :) I saw some mighty cute tennis dresses in the new athleta catalogue, they made me think how dynamic, strong and lovely you would look in one. :D

Tara - Did you do legs today? I can see why you waited to do them. This morning, having done legs first and then fusion, there were a couple moments with the sumo squat jumps where I wondered if I had any juice left in me to get through the workout. I am going to try cardio blast next week. And then my new step dvds should be here. :) I hope Monday isn't an avalanche day for you. You will prevail, you are a Warrior Goddess!

Off to bake bread!
Next week is Meso 2, right? and then we have a rest week?? I better go check my workout manager. Ciao.
Happy Sunday Warriors!

Yesterday I did Athletic Step and was really able to push the cardio factor now that I have the moves down. Today I think I will do a plyo legs just to add in another leg workout. Since I have been all over the place with my workouts the last few weeks, I have tweaked my rotation and will not be taking a rest week with all of you, but adding in a week that I missed. So meso 2 this week then meso 1, then back on track with all of you with meso 3 after your rest week.

So yesterday I did something that I havent done, well since, I dont know at least 8 or 9 years, I went shopping for a dress. I have a cocktails and dinner thing for work in about a week and a half and decided this year it was time to step way out of my comfort zone and wear a dress and of course, because I can now. lol So after trying on just about every dress in the store that wasnt for a night club or a wedding or made out of some ridiculous printed material (who decided that combining prints from the 60's & 70's into 80's dress styles was a good idea? lol), I finally found one little black dress from calvin klein, thats not too young and not to old, if I dont chicken out in the next week to wear. lol Its being altered of course because nothing quite fits a 5ft tall woman with a chest. lol So we will see next week when I pick it up if my nerve is still in tact. I think 12 solid days of workouts, most of them double workout days will help my confidence too. ;)

Heather - I hope your chest clears up so you can go back to your running. Step moves is worth the effort to learn the combos, now that I have them down the workout is really fun. I have been avoiding the mma workouts as they always intimidate me for some reason, but I will give one a try this week.

Cathy - Congrats on getting back into leg workouts, I am sure your strength will come back really quickly. Knitting always looked relaxing and fun to do. I tried to learn how many moons ago when I lived up north, but being allergic to so many yarns it wasnt nearly as fun to sit and sniffle the whole time, go figure ;) lol

Tara - Hope all is well this weekend, great job on your workouts.

Janis - Thanks for kind words as always, still a little ways away from the tennis dress. I have this idea in my head that I have to get to a certain skill level in tennis before wearing the dress. Otherwise I would feel like a poser lol I have to get good enough to earn the dress! lol Silly, I know, but a goal to get to nonetheless. So what dvd's are you waiting for? Are these the step ones you ordered?

Alright, time to figure out if I should go play tennis in the cold this morning. Check back later.

Hi Ladies,

I got somewhat behind on the workouts this past week, so I'll be finishing up the Meso 1 workouts today and Monday; then go into Meso 2 on Tues or Wednesday. I did Athletic step today and then Back & Triceps (Disc 5). I always feel so pumped after doing Athletic step--I think it is my favorite of all the Shock cardios workouts. Back & tri's was good--I finished almost all the reps in each set & stay at the recommended weight.

MJ, the dress you picked out sounds nice! I think you should definitely wear it to your event this week. You've got a good plan to get caught up with STS; it'll be nice seeing you more in the coming weeks. :)

Janis, It's good to hear someone pumped about MMA Fusion. I liked it a lot, just can't wait to be able to do all of combo 2! ;) I think I'll be ready to return to work tomorrow--I got well rested and had a nice break.

Heather, hope your chest cold passes quickly. Better to rest a day or so than to push yourself and get worse! So take it easy and enjoy your dinner out. :)

Cathy, thanks so much for posting about the step. I have decided to go ahead and get it, but I will wait a week or so before I put the order in. I'm so glad you did Disk 6 without any problem! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

I'll see you all tomorrow---I'm planning to do Meso 1 legs.

Hey Warriors

Well, I think that I will be making a trip to the doctors tomorrow as my chest is getting painful when I breath. I really feel fine until I try and do something physical and then I am pooped (like climbing the stairs). Not a good feeling. I am hoping that this will pass quickly! I don't want to get behind!

MJ- It was great to hear from you. You should wear your dress with pride! and yes 12 workouts will surely help with the confidence! I did not get to do Step Moves but I will!

Tara - That is too bad that you feel behind... but you don't sound like you are. Hopefully this week will be better!

Cathy- hope you had a great trip!

Janis - This morning was just gorgeous their was frost on all the trees and no wind at all with lots of sun to make everything twinkle. It would have been a gorgeous run. So instead I went out and took pictures. :D

What can you do! Hope everyone has a great SuperBowl Sunday... our house will probably be watching hockey and a little football... we are Canadians after all!
Talk to you soon
Hello Warriors!! So, yesterday morning I did Step Moves again to try out the step. Tara hold off on ordering one for a bit. I was really bummed to find out that while one end of the step the platform feels totally flat and solid and wonderful, the other end seems to have this open/grooved area under the surface that when you step on it it gives, which really didn't feel comfortable to me at all. I tried turning the step and it was actually more noticeable. :( I've e-mailed Customer Service to see what they say, but I can't imagine that it was a deliberate part of the design. I don't expect to hear anything until tomorrow at least, so I'll see what they say. I love everything else about it! I just want the whole thing to be flat, solid and feel secure.

I did actually finish Step Moves though and I did better, but there are still a couple places where I just haven't got the rhythm of the steps down and ending up in the wrong place.

And boy was I sore yesterday!!! Didn't help that I spent the morning sitting on a metal folding chair. In the afternoon, I just sat on the floor and stretched quite a bit, then back to the folding chair for awhile and then in the evening I snagged a couch spot. Stayed up till 1 a.m. which I haven't done in more than a decade as I'm a real stickler for keeping an even bedtime all the time.

MJ I say wear the dress! It sounds wonderful.

Heather I hope you feel better soon.

Well I have to run and do dishes and put together pizzas to take with us to my parents! And just got an email that there is a last minute optional baseball practice this afternoon, so I'm going to see if they want to go to that. We have just enough time after to get to my parents for the Super Bowl.

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