Undulating Warriors Feb 1st-7th!


Happy Monday & Happy 5th week of our rotation! 1 month down, 2 months to go! I'm loving it so far :) My enthusiasm is high now that I have today's workout out of the way. This morning, I was totally not feeling 40/20. I think it was more like 40/60!!! But I muddled through it---actually pepped up towards the end, probably because it was almost over LOL! I tried to go right into Chest, shoulders and biceps, but it wasn't happening. So, I took DD to school, came home and had coffee and breakfast, then got back to STS. It went by pretty quick. That's the nice thing about Meso 1. Sometimes I don't like all the switching equipment and I often have to pause a little longer than 30 seconds. But it's nice to have the workout fly by. :)

Cathy, let me know how you like the new step once you get it. I'm very tempted to buy it, but really don't absolutely need it. I bought my current step about 1.5 years ago, but the rubber matting on top comes unglued on the edges a lot. I have to press it back down before each time I use it. They say that the new step should not have that problem. Very tempting..... Sounds like you are about there as you did 4DS LIS. You probably could handle Step Moves as it is lower impact for the most part. It would be easy to modify the few higher impact moves in it. But it is dancier than LIS.

Janis, love your new picture! Ahhh popcorn! I miss my Butter topped popcorn late night feasts! I've gone to Smart Pop and my taste buds have adjusted. But the ACT II Butter always calls my name as I walk down the popcorn aisle at the grocery store! :) I do indulge whenever I go to the movie theater, as I have to treat myself now & then!

Heather, Rink style snow max and flood max sound fun! I had my fair share of snow max on Saturday--ended up shoveling snow for over an hour. It has snowed a ton here the past week or so. It finally let up a little just now. I hope we will have a few days break, even though it is pretty and fun for my DD to play in. Great job on the run despite the cold weather! I think my next year's fitness goal will be to start exercsing outdoors more. I'm such a house hermit!

MJ, Hope you are enjoying tennis and your workouts. Have a great Monday and good start to your week!

I think tomorrow I'll do Circuit Blast--been about a month since I've done that one, so it's overdue.

Have a great day!
I have to say the pace of Disk 4 felt totally frenetic to me. Especially the first 20 minutes. I only ended up pausing once because of equipment, but I just felt like I never caught my breath at all during it. This switch between Meso's really got me. Ok, I will confess that I refuse to use the band for those band/barbell curls. I just used more weight instead. I hate them! I did ok, with everything until those nasty standing barbell press 21's at the end. I did it, but I had to sit down for the final 7 and go way slower.

Tara good job on plowing on through 40/20! So, you think I could try Step Moves. Hmm. Maybe I'll give it a shot tomorrow. I'd like to try the MMA Kick Box, but I've learned that kick boxing the day after a shoulder workout just doesn't work well for me! I am very grateful to those of you who are getting the snow that we aren't. :D We are supposed to get maybe an inch tomorrow and then nothing significant the rest of the week.

Heather it sounds like you guys are having lots of fun with your rink! And you went running in that cold? That is so amazing that you can do that - huge applause. :)

Janis wonderful new pic! Someday I'll try and figure out how to do one here. I wish all the forums had as easy an upload of pics as Facebook, because I can just do that one directly from my computer and not have to mess with getting it uploaded and then resizing it and all that. Oh yes, and I am a popcorn addict. Not nearly as bad as when I was in my 20's and I'd come home and have a huge bowl of popcorn for supper though. :eek:

Tara I'll let you know about the step. I was surprised to read about people having trouble with the newer steps. There seems to be a lot of us with 15-20 year olds steps that are just now having problems. Can't wait to see DH roll his eyes at my latest toy. ;)

Enjoy your day eveyone!
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Good Morning Warriors!

I am glad you like my Avatar.:D

I did 40/20 too, but I think it felt more like 60/10! I think I shortened each one by one second. :eek:

Since I was so pumped up, I launched into Chest, Shoulders, Biceps. Man oh man, moving from Meso 3 to Meso 1 always takes me by surprise. I am quivering and quaking as I type this. BUT BUT BUT I did every single push up on my toes! :D:DThe staggered push-ups, however, I did not stagger - it just tweaks my shoulder in the wrong way.

Cathy - I didn't do the barbell curls with the band either. ;)

Tara - Thanks, once again, for starting the thread. It does feel good tohave the workout accomplished for the day. I was up super early this morning to see my husband off, so I got a jump start on the day -now I feel like I have a whole day!

Hi Heather and MJ :D:D:D:D

Gotta run for now, more later.


Hey Everyone

Oh yes, Meso 1 was one heck of a shock after Meso 3. My arms were shaking for half the morning. Wow! I had to laugh my DH asked for a haircut tonight and I informed him that if I could lift my arms then he might get one (my grandmother was a hairdresser and taught me a bunch of stuff so that I could cut her hair for her)
I too managed to do all the push-ups on my toes, but just barely. I might have collapsed on one of the boot-camp push-ups thought :D. As for the shoulder work... Once they are fried I can't seem to do the barbell work. I had to really lighten my weight and then still couldn't finish. As for the barbell curls I did them with 20lbs and the pink band and still struggled at the end. Those really take you down!
Anyways I took a break to get the kids ready for school and have some breakfast and then followed up with Cardio Core Circuit. I did some of the roly poly stuff but not the last ones as I always feel like I am going to bust a knee. I also only did half the roll back to jump ups and then did the jacks and plyo jacks. Very fun workout! I really like that one. I should have waited to do 40/20 today so I could do it with you guys. That one is killer! I think that it is harder than CCC.
Tomorrow is a CC run and some ab work I think. I have to say that I love Meso 1!!!
Janis - Very nice new picture... congrats on the push-ups!!!
Tara - Glad that you got to do both workouts! Meso 1 seems to fly by!
Cathy - That's great that you are getting a new step! Good luck with Step Moves tomorrow!
MJ- Hope Disc 4 goes well... or went well for you!
Talk to you all soon
Just got the shipping notice for my step! It'll be here on Wednesday. If my shoulders are ok, I may do MMA Kick Box tomorrow and wait and try Step Moves on Thursday with my new step.

I'm getting messed up next weekend. I have a retreat all day Saturday through Sunday morning, and I could have easily worked around that, BUT my oldest asked if we could go stay at my parents on Sunday night so he can see the Super Bowl. Since the switch to digital our TV is too old to get anything, not that we got much before ;) So, now I won't be home until Monday afternoon. So, I may have to hold off on my STS workout until Tuesday. Since I will be coming home Sunday and only be here a couple hours, I'll likely be coming home to a mess. Somehow watching kids AND keeping things picked up around the house it too much for DH. :rolleyes:

I'm in awe of you guys who did all those push-ups on your toes. I actually used my tower and used the bar at a lower setting and didn't do the regular ones on the floor.

Did you guys notice how much the guys in the workout struggled with those barbell curls with the band? They have to stretch the band about a foot farther than the girls and a couple times it really looked like they weren't going to make it!


Hey Warriors!

Sorry I have been MIA for last week. I had to take a few days to think through some things happening at home and at work to get my head screwed back on straight so I can focus properly on what I need and want to do for myself. Been doing some of the cardio workouts and playing tennis along the way, but am a bit behind in the STS workouts so will have to figure out a way to catch up.

Way to go to all of you for keeping up with your workouts, especially those of you picking up step workouts who normally dont, and let me just say those of you doing pushups on your toes are super warriors! That is one thing I still cannot do, but someday perhaps.

Time for me to get some sleep, I will be back with a normal check-in tomorrow. Oh yeah, Janis....love the new pic!


Hi All,

I did Circuit Blast today. Even though it is considered on of the easier Shock Cardio workouts, it gave me a nice challenge today without totally draining me. The shoulders and chest did not appreciate some of the band and weight work, though. :) Tomorrow, I'll be doing legs as the upper body is demanding a rest!

MJ, Glad to see you back! Hope you were able to get everything at home & work settled. You can always just jump back in where we are at instead of trying to catch up with STS. Since we are in Meso 1 this week, it's the perfect place to start back up. :)

Cathy, I did notice the guys struggling with the barbell curls w/ the band. I normally don't do those with the band, but gave it a try yesterday. I was able to get through all but the last rep. I was near the end them & look up at the screen & saw one of the guys not able to curl the barbell up fully. I thought I saw that Lorraine did not fully do the last rep either, but didn't take the time to rewind to double-check. It actually made me feel good that I wasn't the only one barely able to do them all!!! They are hard! Enjoy Kickbox--it is a fun one! I look forward to hearing more about the step once you get it. It's cool that it's already on its way to you.

Heather, glad you enjoyed CCC this time around. I'm hoping the next time I do it, I'll be better at some of the moves & therefore enjoy it more. Today when I did Circuit blast, I was able to do the challenging moves with better form & made it through most of the reps. I have hope that it will be the same for CCC next time!

Janis, great job on doing 40/20 & going right to STS! I'm working on doing more of the push-ups on the toes. I did about half of them on the toes, which is more than I did 3 wks ago when we did Meso 1 chest. One day, I'll get there fully!

Have a good day, Ladies!

My shoulders were a little stiff this morning, so that was just the excuse I needed to try Step Moves. :D I can see that I'm going to love this workout. I almost have the first combo, but the other two are going to take a few more tries. Somehow my feet seemed to end up in different places from them and then I'd be off for the next part. There are a couple places where I can actually get several moves in a row and temporarily feel like I know what I'm doing. ;) After that I did Pure Strength Abs. That one is pretty basic moves, but it gets you good all the same.

MJ I hope things settle down for you and like Tara said you can always just jump back in where we are at instead of trying to make things up.

Tara yay on Circuit Blast! I was wondering how that would fit in with STS since it uses some weights and all. When I was trying to put Cathe's Shock Cardio/STS rotation in with the undulating rotation I'm playing with, I think she's only got the cardio portion of CB.


Good Morning Warriors
My morning started off on the fritz but I indulged a little and everything is back on track! I did want to get up this morning and then my shuffle did not want to work so I got all warmed up with CC5 and it just kept repeating the warm-up. So I did STS Stability ball abs as once i got everything fixed I did not have time to do the run before the kids got up. I was very excited as I did the ball pikes... but when it came time to do the leg up ball pikes I could barely do the pikes I was so fried! After the kids left I did CC5 and it was a great run. My indulgence was doing the Yogalink Hip Helpers dvd. I could really feel everything tightening up with the last sprints so I did that as my stretch and it was great. It is a really good stretching DVD but it always takes so long so I never do it, but I think that I should keep going with it!

I'm looking forward to STS legs tomorrow and I am not sure what... maybe fusion or boxing or maybe I should try step moves... what's everyone else doing?

Cathy - Congrats on doing Step Moves! Considering all the arm quivering yesterday I am not very sore today... but perhaps tomorrow I will notice it! Do you use hand weights when doing your kickboxing? I have off and on but I am never sure that it isn't messing up my shoulders!

Tara - It's great to hear about Circuit Blast. I was saving it for after STS because of the weights. So the weight section is not that intense? Do you think I can fit it in? It would be fun to try it. I did the abs parts and they were killer I can't imagine the rest! I am sure that when you do CCC next time you will be more prepared for the intensity! with all the Hiit workouts you have been doing!

Janis - I saw on the open forum that you are thinking of having a bodyscan (can't remember the exact term) done? I would be interested to hear how it compares to the callipers for body fat and what other interesting info that it would give you.

MJ - Don't you hate when everything comes down at once! Just keep working out and you'll be able to keep your head clear! We will always be here!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


Hi Everyone

I went for a hill run today at the vineyard. 5.77 miles, to CCv7. I had every intention of doing SC-C3, but I am taking a hot bath instead. Talk about indulgences!

Heather - I laughed out out loud that you like Meso 1 the most, I thought the exact same thing while in the midst of the workout. And no DOMS today either, but I was hurting all day yesterday. I'll let you know about the DXA scan, the place is 3 hrs from my house so I need to schedule it when I can be gone all day. Not easy. I'm thinking about MMA Boxing or MMA Kickbox tomorrow.

Cathy - Way to go on Step Moves!!! I probably didn't notice the guys struggling with the bands because I am pretty sure I had my eyes squeezed shut while I eeked out the last rep - and I didn't use bands! Do your guys (ds's & dh) respond to sweetly composed to-do lists? Maybe they'll surprise you with a clean house when you return!

Tara - I haven't tried Circuit Blast! I keep wondering where/when to put it. I am going to try to work it in next week. I think I needed the inspiration.

MJ - I agree with all the other Super Warriors, just jump back in with Meso 1. Post when you can, :) or vent if you want.

All of you are inspiring me to not only learn step, but to do an ab workout for a change. God, I hate them the most. I don't know why!

Tomorrow - MESO 1 legs, whoo hoo....simply the best for lifting the butt!
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This morning was Back and Triceps. It flowed much better for me than Monday's workout. I'll be amazed if I'm not sore tomorrow! My triceps especially were really screaming at me at times. Since DH had to go to a meeting in the northwest part of the state today, he got up at 5:30, which meant I got up at 5:30, so I had plenty of time to add on the extended stretch. I really should get up that early every day as it would give me more time to get in longer workouts = more stretching. I'm much more likely to wake up early in the late spring/summer though.

Janis did you see that Morningstar gave me a thread all my own! That was very sweet of her. Your run sounds wonderful - what a great area to be able to run through. Oh, and I really don't think I'd get anywhere by leaving DH and the boys notes. A few times he's surprised me when I've come home from a day or more away and actually had the dishes done and such, but I don't count on it. Just one of those things I've learned to live with as he just seems to get overwhelmed easily with the additional tasks of simply making sure they have enough food. Ok, before I go off on a tangent I'll stop. :eek:

Heather at one time I did use light weighted gloves for kickboxing, but then someone asked Cathe about it and she said she didn't recommend it for her workouts because they weren't designed to be used that way, so I stopped. That Yogalink Hip Helpers dvd sounds interesting. How long is it? I may have to check that out.

We have a busy day. Sledding with homeschool group this afternoon, home for a quick supper and then baseball and basketball practices one after the other. DH should be back home by the time we get back here at 9:30 tonight, but we won't see him before that.

Wishing all you Warrior Ladies a wonderful day!


Hey Everyone

I think I might have over done it!!! It's now 3.5 hours since I worked out this morning and I am really dragging. I really could have a cat nap! This morning was legs for me and I was really sweating buckets. I upped almost all my weights for all those lunges and I think that I may have made the wrong choice for my cardio today. I did MMA Fusion and forgot how much leg work there is in that one. Wow, meso 1 week 2 legs disc is really excellent. It has everything for my knee issues!
Tomorrow I plan on doing a CC run that's it! I did say at the beginning of this rotation that I was going to slow down... I don't think that I have. All these discs are just so much fun!

Cathy - Nice to "SEE" you! Thanks for the Cathy tip on the gloves, when I could feel the weights shifting in the glove after I had punched I knew that it wasn't right. Your day does sound busy but fun! Hopefully you can move your arms tomorrow. If I could get myself into bed earlier then working out at 5:30 would be optimal. I could do strength and cardio all before anyone gets up... but....

Janis - I always love to hear about runs through vineyards! How did legs go for you?

Tara - How is your upper body??? Did you get legs in today?

MJ- Hope all is well!

Talk to you later Warriors!


Happy Wednesday Warriors!

Meso 1 disc 6 - WOW! It is such GREAT workout. The sequence from Lateral Step ups to Static Low End Lunges, (I spelled lunches, not lunges....I think I must be hungry!) got my heart rate going, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I couldn't believe how hard it was beating! I increased my weight too, and had to use the barbell for squats and deadlifts.

I followed it up with SC-Kickbox. Got my ab work in.:D

The hill runs are doing wonders for my legs/glutes. I can only handle it once a week though.

Cathy - LOVE your avatar, and yes, it's good to see you! I am happy that you liked your shout out this morning! I have a cure for household induced rages and rants - MMA Boxing& Kickbox. lol! As Cathe puts it, "C'mon, Sell it!" Do it like you mean it. :D

Heather - I'm running tomorrow, but I think I am going to try to add on Boxing. Depends upon how much my legs feel like tree trunks. Hey - do you want to run to the same CC? I think I'll make mine a steady state though.

Tara - How are you ? Did you love Meso 1 legs today? or hate it?

MJ - Now that the Aussie Open is over, what are you watchin'?

OH - all you Step Warrior experts, I haven't purchased Imax2 yet, but I am determined to conquer my step aversion, are there other step dvds between Basic Step and Imax2 that would aid in my learning curve? I already have BodyMax2 & 4DS... ? What do you think?

Time to shower and eat again.
My step is out for delivery, but it's after 5:00 here and UPS never comes this late. :( If they are delivering late, it needs to get here before we head out for practice at 5:40, because DH coming home to a BIG package he knows nothing about wouldn't be a good thing. ;) Though since it'll likely be dark when he gets home, he might not notice it.

I'll give Disk 6 a shot on Friday. I'll just have to wing my choices for weights as I'm not sure exactly what I should be using and I KNOW me, I'm going to want to use what's on my workout card. :D

Janis I actually don't think the step in IMAX 2 is very complicated which she does deliberately to balance the intensity of the blasts. Low Max isn't too bad though it took me awhile to get combo 3.

Depending on how much comp time DH gets for today he was thinking of taking off tomorrow afternoon and I am going to be watching a friend's kids at her house, so he'll be here when it arrives and not me. Guess I'll be explaining that one to him.


Hello again

I found out why I was so tired! I needed to eat. I added some extra carbs today and everything feels back to normal. I am going to do some more stretching tonight...I tweaked my shoulder somehow (I think it was moving the barbell off the rack to do the deadlifts, I always try to lift it without taking any weight off - I have learned my lesson!)

Cathy - No sweat if you needed the step you needed the step. The more tense you are about it the more tense he will be. Good luck with that though!

Janis - I was thinking CC6 but really am game for anything. Let me know if you had one picked out. BodyMax2 is way more complicated than IMAX2, another fun on is Step Blast or Step Jump and Pump just for the music and Low Intensity Circuit. I really like just doing the step portion of those ones too. I have not actually ever done the whole discs because I have always been doing STS so I don't know what the weight parts are like. I find that if you can do Bodymax2 you see pretty much all of Cathe's moves.

I had better get going... MJ and Tara, Have a good night!

Later Warriors!
I did MMA Kick Box this morning! The only modifications I made was not to bounce during the drills and that last core exercise where you do the push-up and then touch hand to foot, I did the push-up and then knee to elbow, because I felt that foot position was a bit too iffy for me yet.

My step is once again supposed to be delivered today. Heather, DH can't say much because I use my money/credit card to buy my exercise equipment/DVD's. It's just a matter of having to watch the eye rolling and comments of "do you really need more...." He just can't grasp that my need for those things equals his for music. Of which he has a very large collection.

I hope your shoulder feels better today and that you and Janis enjoy your runs!

And, Janis, I agree with Heather that if you can do the step in BM2, you can pretty much do any of Cathe's cardios. IMAX 2 cardio is definitely easier than BM2.

Tara and MJ hope things are going well!
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Good Afternoon Everyone

I didn't manage to get up early this morning so I did my run in between helping with my oldest class this morning and my youngest this afternoon. I should have run outside as it is just at freezing and the sun is shining but I wanted to get the full affect from CC6. It was a really great run. I seem to have a bit of a wheeze starting so I am going to try and keep up and try to keep this chest cold at bay. I think that it is official now after doing Fusion and CCC this week that I will not be doing the roly poly moves anymore. My back feels like it is bruised BUT I am going to work on some alternatives that will be just as challenging! Any suggestions? I know burpees can sub in anywhere... I really hate those but they do get the job done! Any suggestions?

Janis - How was your run?

Cathy - Did you like MMA Kickboxing? I think that it is my least favorite of the 3 but I do like it.

MJ and Tara - Hope you have a great day!
Talk to you soon

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