Total Body Trisets


Oldie but Goodie-- just completed Low Impact Series Total Body Trisets- OH MY. It used to be one of my favorites but with so many workout I haven't done it in a while. Anyway, its still a great challenging workout. Almost 90 minutes of pure sweaty goodness. I loved it and I have to admit, by the time she got to the last triset I was through. LOL!! Great workout!! Will revisit this more often any maybe next time, I can complete the last triset.


I haven't done that one in a while - and normally when I do it I break it down into upper & lower body, so kudos to you for doing the whole thing!!


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It's actually the only workout I do as voice only, though I find the Slow and Heavy music grates on the ears during rest periods. The lower body trisets is a big favorite for short workouts anyway.

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