Total Body Trisets or High Reps

Total triset or High reps

Hi there,

if you are referring to review regarding both dvd, I suggest you look on cathe's website.

That being said these dvd are different:

*High rep is an endurance pure weight lifting. As the name say it is high repetition
consisting of a set of 16 reps.

*Total body triset is more a pure weight lifting in a hypertrophy purpose meaning muscle building. less repetitions

I have both and use them for the purpose they have been designed for.

Hope I have helped you make your choice.

Kind Regards,
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I love High Reps. It's one of my favorite Cathes and it flies by. I find there's too much ball work in TriSets (using the ball for lifting) for my liking.


If I had to select one over the other it would definitely be high reps. LIS is ok but I don't find myself reaching for it very often.


I like them both. High Reps because it's high reps/low weights. It's longer but has good premixes. I like the use of the stability ball in TBTs and the nice thing about TBTs is it moves quickly, so you almost get a cardio effect from it. It too, has nice premixes on it, as well. I use TBTs more often, but I am also doing my second round of the XTrain/LIS rotation and that uses the TBT workouts.

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