Tonique (or similar) Rotation Suggestions?

I'm a long-time Cathe fan, but am looking to switch up my workouts for a few reasons, the main one being that my doctor has recommended I take it easy on the heavy weights for a while.

If I go lighter on the weights, I was thinking I could try something like barre, or Tonique (I have a few of the older DVDs), or something similar. I am also a runner, and I plan to keep putting in my normal mileage of ~20 miles/week.

For those of you that go lighter on the weights, have you maintained upper body muscle definition with minimal to no weights? I am thinking of trying a Tonique/running rotation, but am afraid of losing upper body definition.

My initial plan is to do Tonique every other day, running every other day, for 6/days each week. Will 3 days of Tonique, combined with running, be enough to actually show definition/get results? I don't want to commit myself to Tonique or barre if I have to put in work on that every single day for HOURS on end. I can spare 1 to 1.5 hours each day at most, and that includes my time running. :/

I would say I am an intermediate to advanced exerciser. I recently completed Cathe's Fit Split (alternated the 1 month rotation with running, effectively making it a 2 month rotation). Before that I did Body Beast, which bulked me up a little more than I would have preferred in some areas. I've done STS in the past, as well as XTrain, but since I'm going easy on the weights, I'm trying to avoid such programs.

I'm not limiting myself to Tonique or anything, it's just what I have, and am trying to be cost-effective in my decisions. At the end of the day, though, I will invest in a good program if I feel it is worthwhile.
P90X3 would be a good one, 1st & 2nd block to alternate with running, they are only 30 minutes. good variety. Third block has more power workouts each week, I still am not quite sure what I did not like about that third block, maybe everyone else loved it, or I would like it the next time IDK Still really good workouts, without crazy weights, and short. It wasn't overly "Tony" either, cheaper if you try streaming. I got a free month when I signed up.

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