Tingling in lower legs when running?


Has anyone experienced tingling in their shins or calves while running(kind of like when your foot falls asleep). I have been running off and on for several years now and just this past month, I have noticed I am getting a tingling sensation that usually starts in my shins and works it way around to my calves. It's not severe, just noticeable. Was wondering if anyone else has this happen and if there are any simple remedies?



Not a precursor for shin splints?

I have something like this sometimes when powerwalking and/or running. It will be in the first 20 mins of the exercise session, and it will work its way out of the legs as I continue with the session, but it feels tight, there's tension there, and I think it usually has to do with the muscles needing more warm up than I am giving them before requiring heavy exertion and increased speed.

At other times, I can feel my foot feeling numb, about an hour into a powerwalk, and this is always because the shoes were tied too tightly: the feet have swollen throughout the session and I now need to re-lace them more loosely.

Does this ring any bells for you?



This might be your shoes talking. I just bought a very comfy pair of New Balances that promptly made my toes numb on a hike. Are you running on a road with a curved or raised center? (normal, for water to run off.)


Hi, well I feel the same every time I do cardio is my left leg but I di have siatica and spine problem.Try to strech you legs more the help.


I agree that it sounds like it might be a nerve issue. It's probably best to see a doctor to confirm, especially since this is something new.

A chiropractor can probably help too but I would look for one who works with athletes/runners specifically.

Good luck!

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