That’s a WRAP! Yes, filming of the LITE series is officially complete!


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That’s a WRAP! Yes, filming of the LITE series is officially complete! It’s been a busy couple of months full of rehearsals and film days, but we now have a new collection of fun, effective workouts that I can’t WAIT to get into your hands!

We’ve now started the editing process and as always, we will provide you with updates as we move through the different phases of this part of the project! More pictures, news and eventually video clips to come! I’ll be doing a short Facebook Q&A tomorrow afternoon to answer any questions that you have about the new workouts. More details on that to follow!

Current pre-sale prices end November 1st!

*You can pre-order Cathe's new Intermediate LITE workouts or learn more at: Act Now! Current Pre-Sale Prices Will End Nov 1st!
Congratulations on filming completion !!!
You all look so happy, makes me smile and think how awesome these new workouts are going to be :)
I'm really looking forward to this new series. I just sprained my ankle and can't workout for the next 2/3 weeks so this will be a perfect way to ease my way back into workouts.
Was just looking at the pictures, in the one with the pink outfits, is there another
New girl?
Sure looks that way. The pictures are small on my phone but I don't think that's Jai. HEY Jai, where you at? ...And of course, a big cathlete welcome to the newest, newest cast member. Looks like they had a ball filming the last workout.
Hi Aquagirl,

Yes a new lady named Lisa. Guess she is also in the Live classes.
Do you know if she's in Cycle Sweat? I previewed that one last night while trying to decide which workout to do and thought one of the spinners looked like her.

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