Thank You Cathe...So Much


I've been working out with you for over 10 years now. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work and your time to make your award-winning, high-quality home workout videos. I really enjoy doing them.

What inspired me to write this? I hadn't been to a "live" group exercise class in almost 6 years. I was longing to feed off other participants' energy, experience a different instructor's style, and to see how quickly I could learn a new routine (gotta love that rewind button when fresh Cathe workouts arrive, LOL). But, I didn't want to join a gym (I have one at home); I just wanted to go to group classes. After shopping and waiting for almost 6 months, I found a deal where I could sign up for 30 visits for $30, I just had to use them within 90 days and it was the closest gym to my house. Yeah!

Well, the first class had fairly tricky choreography, but I did pretty well. One of the other participants quickly picked up that I had step experience and probably could tell what I liked by the moves I really got into. On our way out the door, she said, "I think you would really like Wednesday's class." Little did she know that I was already planning to come. It was a LesMills BodyStep class.

Of course, the instructor asked if anyone was new and I raised my hand. She quickly went over some of the moves for me and the other newbies. Then it started. Pretty easy choreography but explosive and plyo moves that all us Cathletes know and LOVE. You know that it had some fast feet in there too?! I had a blast during that class! And I ended up doing so well (especially with getting my HR up), I got a high five from the instructor after class. She said "You were awesome!" I think it takes a lot to get that kind of attention from an instructor after a FIRST class. I felt pretty empowered, and on the way home, I just kept thinking "Thank goodness for all those tough Cathe workouts or else I wouldn't be as fit as I am!"

You inspire me to try new things when I get bored with my routine since you are always introducing new moves (who else does dive bomber push ups?), new methods (spinning) and new routine types (tabatas). So, I'm getting really into running right now. I decided to sign up for a small 5k (about 300 participants) in May and while I was the 13th female across the finish line, I placed first in my age group (another hats off to those 10 years of Cathe workouts). I'm also signed up for another 5k this July, a 10K this September and I'll be running my first half-marathon in October. In April 2014, I plan to run my first marathon.

So, Cathe, thank you for being such an inspiration and teacher to me. When I don't feel like working out or I start to hit a plateau where I stop working out completely for weeks at a time, I think to myself "What would Cathe say to me right now? She is probably so disappointed in me for not being my best" and I start it up again. I see you (and your crew too) pour your heart and soul into each and every workout. I know when you're working hard because I hear it in your voice, I see it in your face and I feel it too! It is the drive I see in YOU during your workouts that inspires ME to drive harder, faster, longer. Your drive drives me, and I want to thank you! THANK YOU CATHE!!!!

Brandie ;)

PS: My DH just asked me what I was doing and I said "I'm writing Cathe a thank you letter." And he says "Thanking her for what? Taking your money?" And I said "She's worth every penny and minute I spend on her!" I always pre-order, usually within a week that new workouts are announced to get maximum savings. Take that DH!
Awe well said, so true! I love Cathe and my step grands do to they did HS with me and one girl all she can say is dang does this girl let us take a brake? Does she sweat? Lol. They had to walk in place most of time but they had fun .
My DH knows how much olive Cathe workouts , I actually have dreams I am working out in real life with her or I am in my living room working out then I am in he. Tv on film with her and crew!! I feel so weird lol

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