Techie question about rotations and on-demand


I don't know if this is possible, but if it is, please point me in the direction of what I need to read to get it working.

I just signed on for monthly on-demand. Wanted to see how it worked before making a 6-month commitment.

What I'd like to do... create a rotation for myself from pre-mixes, and then use that rotation so that when I log in to the on-demand app, it loads my workout of the day.

I'd like to put the thought of what to do in, when I'm at my computer, but then when I'm in my gym, looking at my ipad, have it just do it, if that makes sense.

Right now, I took the workouts I want to do for the next 2 weeks (waiting on the new workouts, LOL) and I've put them in a trello board, and then put due-dates on them so they look like a calendar of workouts. I then have to check my calendar and setup the ipad before I head down to the gym. Was hoping to save a few steps.

Thanks for any instructions, if this is at all possible.
Hi AudreyQ, you really can't do what you mentioned. In our apps you can select any of Cathe's rotations which will allow you to easily select which video you want to do every day, but you can't customize this. You can also save any workout as a favorite, but you will have to manually select each workout each day.

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