Suggestions for how to include weights in rotations?


Regarding weights: I know not to do heavy weights on the same muscle group two days in a row but other than that are there basic guidelines I should follow? For instance, how frequently should one do heavy weights? I want to build strength and endurance and don't want to plateau, so I tend to do two or three weights workouts per week and mix up different videos and alternate between high rep/endurance videos and heavy/strength videos. I also do Turbo Barre to work on strength in a different way than weights/resistance. Does that seem sensible? I assume that by not letting my body get too used to any one thing I can keep improving without having to just keep upping weights/reps. Does it matter that I rotate through things (for instance, in week 1 doing heavy bis/tris, back/chest, legs/shoulders and in week 2 doing barre and upper/lower body high reps) or should I, for instance, make sure to do a particular muscle group multiple times per week?

The ultimate question is: how can I increase and maintain strength and stamina without plateauing? (What do I do and how often do I do it?)

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