Sudden Weakness during workouts..


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Hi All -
I have been doing Intermitant Fasting now for about 2 years. I started with 15 hours between lunch/dinner and breakfast the next day. I ALWAYS workout fasted - I work out very early in the morning and eating that early makes me sick (I Have tried all kinds of experiments).
I now eat only two times a day after at least a 16 hour fast, most days it is a 17 hour fast then I wait another 6 hours after eating my "breakfast" to eat "lunch/dinner."
This past two weeks I have all of the sudden been struggling with energy and the shakes.
I usually do 90 minutes of weight training 3x's a week, 60 mins of cardio per week, walk 3 to 5 miles per day and ride my bike anywhere from 4 to 17 miles a day (depending on my energy levels.) Ive been "working out" now for 11 years, so I don't think it is anything to do with adapting....
I have several food allergies, high histamine issues, mold issues etc - of which limits me to about 10 foods that I can eat. But believe me I EAT!
Has anyone else experienced this?


I haven't done any fasting or anything as I don't like to mess with blood sugar levels, however when I was having this issue it was do to an out of balance potassium to calcium ratio.
It could be for ANY number of reasons, so probably best to at least see a doctor and have some lab work done.
Just from reading what you have presented, it might be as simple as eating two meals per day is inadequate. Your body has to run on practically nothing for long stretches. Do you not even eat any high fibre snacks or anything between these sit-down meals? Perhaps just try this while you are making that doctor's check-up. : ). Take good care.

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