STS without 1RM


So, I've had STS for years, but I have never started. One reason is because I lack some equipment. I have dumbbells up to 30s and i have a barbell, but I have no squat rack. Because of this, I am limited to how far I can advance.

But do you think STS would be a good workout just as a general workout?


:) I most certainly do! Depending on your workout goal - use a week of Meso 1 for endurance based, Meso 2 for hypertrophy, & of course Meso 3 for strength. Just be sure to use an appropriate weight to match your goal.

Depending on your current fitness level, you may find your current equipment is satisfactory. The squat rack is only suggested for heavy leg barbell workouts in Meso3; you can easily substitute the included plyo leg workouts instead; or use your barbell on the squat rack dvds and go as high as you can SAFELY lift over your head. I use a weighted vest in addition to the barbell, but I suggest you be careful on the lunges cause I noticed balance issues became more prominent for me with the heavier barbell.

I'm currently doing STS in an undulating manner & noticed gains quicker than the linear progressive method. This gave me the idea to incorporate STS in my regular monthly rotations just as I do any other series when I'm done with this current rotation. With all the variety STS provides, I may be set on weight workouts for quite awhile. Have at it & have fun!
I'm doing STS for the first time. About to start meso 2. I really enjoyed meso 1. I think anyone who likes lifting would enjoy these workouts, even if you aren't planning to do the whole series.

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