STS vs Chalean Extreme


Hi Looking at STS with interest. It's a lot of money though- especially as I'm in the Uk and will have to pay taxes. If I buy the download- can I burn it onto a DVD to watch in my DVD player? Do people think its worth it? Can anyone compare it to Chalean Extreme?
STS versus chalean extreme

Hi Looking at STS with interest. It's a lot of money though- especially as I'm in the Uk and will have to pay taxes. If I buy the download- can I burn it onto a DVD to watch in my DVD player? Do people think its worth it? Can anyone compare it to Chalean Extreme?

I live in Uk and own STS. It is worth every single penny. Any single cathe's program I own worth every penny. I have not done chalean extreme program but I know it is a circuit program therefore can not be compared to STS IMO :cool::cool:. STS is *mainly* a pure lifting program in three phases working endurance, hypertrophy and strength three days per week. It is advised to do cardio during three remaining days of the week.

As to the download, i am afraid you can not burn the file into dvds. It's illegal.

My STS did not get stopped by customs. I still would have been happy to pay custom charges if i had to. I paid customs charges for my last xtrain series. It was 20-25 pound extra to pay.

Just to add I suggest you, on regular basis, look at daily deal on cathe's website. You do not need to purchase the full lifting plus cardio shock pack. I purchased the lifting separately as I already owned most of cardio's dvds. The full 36 bundles cost me about 140 gbp including the squat rack optional pack. Each individual is different but I do spend my money for my workout.

All the best,
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I have done both programs, and really like C.E. but I'm gonna have to say STS gave me much better results...C.E. is how I came to love weights, but by doing the 1 rep max and lifting based on that, you can't go wrong


Hi Looking at STS with interest. It's a lot of money though- especially as I'm in the Uk and will have to pay taxes. If I buy the download- can I burn it onto a DVD to watch in my DVD player? Do people think its worth it? Can anyone compare it to Chalean Extreme?
I lost weight and gained definition from ChaLEAN Extreme. I quit STS after 6 weeks twice because I kept gaining inches! So I think CL is the better program: at least, for me. Also like how it requires much less equipment.

SNM Videos

The Myth of Gaining Weight from Lifting

One myth I hope to kill is the myth that you gain weight from lifting heavy weights. No form of exercise of any type causes weight gain. Exercises burns calories, it doesn't create them. The only way to gain weight, be it fat or muscle, is to consume more calories than you burn. You can lift the heaviest weights on the planet and you will not gain an ounce unless you consume more calories than you burn.

We have up to 1000 people a day work out at our health club in New Jersey and we've been doing this for 30 years. We see what works and what doesn't on a daily basis. One of the biggest problems we see from clients is the confusion between temporary weight gain caused by water weight and that caused by lifting. It is not unusual for a person's weight to fluctuate by 5 lbs in just a single day because of temporary water weight gain. With women your weight will also fluctuate depending on your monthly cycle and other reasons.

Lifting heavy weights can cause a temporary increase in water retention, but this will stop after your body becomes acclimated to your new workout.

STS is one of the few video programs that uses weights that are actually heavy enough to help build muscles. You can not build significant muscles using weights that are less than about 80% of your one rep max.

Increasing lean muscle mass is a long term solution to weight loss. As you reduce your body fat and add muscle your body will start to burn more calories, even at rest, and you will lose weight and inches too. STS is not about short term temporary weight loss, it's about changing your lifestyle and workout habits.

There are quicker ways to get thin than lifting weights, but if you want your weight loss results to be permanent there is no better method than lifting heavy weights.

In your case UNLVCrjChick, if you would have stuck with STS program, or any heavy weight program, you would have seen very nice results as long as you were also consuming less calories than you were burning. Six weeks is just not enough time to see results as you can only add a few ounces of muscles during this short time period. Your muscles are your body's furnace for burning calories, but until you build them up over time they can't do much in helping your body burn off the fat you want to get rid of.


Thank you SNM!!!

Basically, I knew that I could not go wrong with lifting heavy, but lately all the posts on weight gain have been confusing me, and making me question it, and wondering about a new plan of attack.

I am SO looking forward to my first time with STS this fall!!! I have to play with the new series coming out this summer a bit first.

I'm halfway through XTrain/LIS and getting stronger! Yessss! :D
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I know what I've experienced, and I'm telling you that without changing my eating between the two programs, I lost weight/inches with ChaLEAN Extreme but gained each time I tried STS. I was consuming at most 1500 calories per day when doing STS (same with ChaLEAN, which is a heavy lifting program) and I lost with one and not the other, and I did cardio 4-5 days on top of that.

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STS for Weight Loss

That very well may be, but it also may be that you were not consuming the exact same amount of calories or doing the exact same amount of cardio and daily activities each time as well as many other variables that were different. We've seen countless examples of people who one day way 120 lbs and the next day are shocked that they weigh 125 lbs, yet they ate only a normal modest amount of healthy food. I've also people have the opposite result where they weigh say 120 lbs one day and then pig out on salty fast food later that day. They wake up the next morning fearing they gained a tremendous amount of weight from their previous night binge, but are pleasantly surprised and mystified to see they only weigh 115 lbs. Both of these examples are caused by water being retained or released by their body and had very little to do with their exercise program.

The main purpose of exercise is really not to just burn calories as most people think, but instead to increase your metabolism. Steady state cardio workouts do little to boost your metabolism, but strength workouts using heavy weights do as long as you give them enough time to work. Six weeks is not enough time for any strength based program to produce any major weight loss benefits since you can only add a few ounces of muscle during this brief period and this not enough to cause a significant change in your metabolism. I know the advertisements you see nowadays claim you can get ripped in 90 days, but that really only applies usually to someone who only needs to lose 10 or 15 lbs.

In the short term a steady state cardio workout will always beat a heavy weight strength workout when it comes to weight loss because a cardio workout burns more calories. But if you give a strength workout the proper amount of time to add lean muscle mass to your body your metabolism will start to speed up and in the long run you will be better off and your chances of keeping the weight off will be better too.

In your case it seems to me you hit the panic button too quickly. This is very common with many people, especially those new to heavy weight lifting, so I understand why people do this. We see this all of the time with clients in our health club. Any heavy weight "progression" based"program like STS may cause some weight gain in the beginning do to trauma to your muscles and the increased demand for glycogen to fuel them. This causes your body to temporarily retain water and your weight to increase. With a program like STS you have to think long term, not short term and you have to be able to get over the temporary weight gain caused by water retention. In time your body will adapt and the water retention will stop.

Lastly, I do want to emphasize again that it is impossible to gain weight with any exercise program unless you consume more calories than you burn. This is not an opinion of mine, but a scientific fact that every PHD in Exercise Science will agree with. The problem is your metabolism is not static as most people think. It can vary hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. People that have a thyroid issue, autoimmune condition, or gluten intolerance will often experience what seems like unexplained weight gain no matter how little they seem to eat. But even in all of these conditions you will only gain weight if you consume more calories than you burn. The problem with all of these conditions as far as weight loss goes is that the metabolism slows far lower than most people think and thus they gain weight even though they're eating what should be the proper amount of calories.

The bottom line is thousands of people have lost weight with the STS program and millions more have done the same in health clubs and home gyms using this type of heavy weight training. STS is the only program like it on video, but it's really nothing new. You see STS is based on standard progression training that has been time tested for decades in gyms all over the world. I think you too will get results with this type of training , but you have to stick to the program for a lot longer than 6 weeks and you have to get past any temporary water weight gain.


Heavy lifting

Last year when I did my 1st round of STS, I refused to weigh myself. I did not want a # to dictate my results. Instead, I focused on how I looked in the mirror, how my clothes fit, how much I could lift, having fun, enjoying the program, eating well. STS really made me appreciate the wonderful benefits of lifting heavy -- not only for my body, but my mind. I find satisfaction in increasing my push-ups count, doing 30lbs 1 arm rows, striving to knock-out unassisted pull-ups, chest pressing 50lbs or more. This gives me a sense of confidence and empowerment no scale could ever bring to my life. STS really kick started a whole new fitness lifestyle for me -- a woman who thought doing cardio and circuits was the only way to change their body.

In my early 20's I weighed a good 10-15lbs LESS than what I do now and yet I look smaller, healthier, fit, strong, more muscle definition. People ask me all the time if I have lost weight -- I actually gained weight! It took me years to obtain my results and I worked HARD for them. It's a definite lifestyle change -- I love and embrace this way of training! I know it might sound cheesy, but it really has change my life and my perspective on life.

Bottom line: STS is an amazing strength training program. No regrets here :).

(BTW- I'm not just partial to Cathe w/o's. I am doing Body Beast and getting INCREDIBLE results! If Chalean Extreme looks like program you like, go for it! Heck, try both STS and Beach Body w/o's. You'll never know what your body is capable of unless you try ;)).
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UNLVChick - thank you for sharing your experience!!

To be honest, I love Cathe's workouts...I used to do FIRM workouts and got great results at the time but they just are not for me anymore and so that is how I found Cathe. The circuit work really was awesome.

I have been doing mostly cardio over the last 4 months and guess what - NO CHANGE TO MY BODY really at all.. bummer. I know I need to incorporate resistance training but I agree with UNLVChick - and I'm sorry, at this point, I'm just not willing to gain anything (inches, pounds, etc) as a "temporary" thing. I know my body...I know my thighs have been getting wider because my damn pants are fitting awkwardly now! It doesn't make me mad but it makes me realize I need to adjust my workouts to suit my body....

And again, no offense, I'm know many people have praised heavy weights but for me, I am starting to think that it's just not for me. I just now got to a point where I am enjoying working out and looking forward to it. The last thing I want to do is lose that. And if it makes me fat - I will definitely start to hate it.

(and yes, I know, it won't actually make me fat. But when my clothes get tighter, I *feel* like I am getting fat.)


Maybe you could try some high rep endurance workouts? Seems you are open to some resistance training. I really like Cathe's High Reps DVD. It's a lot of reps at lower weights and I personally find it to be a tad 'light' on leg work. I suppose it's because there aren't that many different types of leg moves. She does a TON of squats and lunges if I remember correctly. If you don't want to lift for your legs you could even opt to do those moves with no weights. My guess is that you would still get a good bit of toning.
Pathway/connecting muscles to brain

Hi Candice,

I suggest you give heavy training a second try later on after few months of high reps. The body reaction to heavy training in the beginning is a small inch gain. This is normal. If you read through various thread on the forum, you will come across newsletters talking about various of the inch gain. One of the reason is water retention. After creating a good connection between your brain and muscles you would get much more result from heavy takes time to get the connection. Yes high reps help in getting the connection quicker.

Hope you give it another try later. A bit of advise, changes and results do not happen over the night!. Sometimes it can take years.... You need to be mentally strong and persevere till you get what you want! You will get it if you are determined.

All the very best;)

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