STS total body or High Reps???


So I am going to order one of these but wonder which one...I do not have the money for the entire STS system. I have the low impact and am pre-ordering to the max and want to get one of these with it. I also have muscle endurance, muscle max, pyramid upper and lower, butts and guts, legs and glutes--that pretty much wraps up my wt workouts. I also have chalean extreme but I LOVE Cathe so much more. Any advice is greatly appreciated.




I did a rotation with both for 1 month. No question, High Reps is my fav!

I'm doing STS now but really missing High Reps :(



I'll be the odd one out, and I would get STS Total Body b/c it's more straight forward strength training and less endurance oriented like your other workouts. (HR may have more gliding disc work as well if I remember correctly and the disc work bothers my knees).


I agree with Stacy. Based on what you already have, STS will be the most different. High Reps is a great and fun workout, but it's similar to what you already have.



Thanks everyone for your thoughts...I think I may go with STS just because I do have endurance based ones...hmmm...maybe I will just get both! Decisions, decisions!!!!


If you are going to preorder the latest workouts than (I am sure you know this already :)) you get 30% off the other workouts you order at the same time - soooo, I would say get both!:p I know, not much help, but since you aren't able to order STS yet, I'd order both. But keep looking at the daily deals - perhaps you will see one of these workouts as the daily deal and order the other one when you pre-order. The daily deals are pretty great. I check daily (but I have most of Cathe's workouts at this point so it is fairly infrequent I see one I haven't bought already).

I do highly recommend STS my opinion, THE BEST workouts I have and I've done it 5x now.


IMO, STS total body is by far the more challenging of the 2. Both are excellent workouts and I would suggest ordering both since you're going to save that 30%. You'll only pay the shipping one time and really, what's another 15 bucks when it comes to your fitness and health!! At least that's what I tell myself, hehe.


I agree with people on this thread...High Reps is thoroughly enjoyable, and I have put it in my regular rotation. It is easier to do, of the two, as well as having a very positive enjoyment factor. Before HR, MIS and PH were by favourite strength, HR for sure:).
-- David

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