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I loved STS Total Body - Tri Sets for each body part, 3 different exercises, 16 reps, small rest, then 12 reps of the same set. Moved fast but very challenging. Then I did the upper body sections of high reps (my legs were too fried from a STS total body on Saturday & pyramid lower body from Fri night to do the leg sections but from what I previewed they looked awesome as well). LOVED IT!! Moved really fast, some neat new exercises using light/medium dumbells and the band. The core section was killer! Definitely both keepers will reach for these again and again. Thanks CATHE!!


Ahh!!! I think I'm most excited for this one!! And now that I read your description, I'm even more excited!!


I did High Reps today, and you're right, CLBON, the core section is killer! I had so much fun with this workout. It's nonstop and high energy. I especially liked the band with the hand weights, and the paper plate lunges. Can't wait to do it again, but first I have to check out the 3 other new workouts! This is so fun! Thanks Cathe!


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I can't find this workout on the workout manager. Am I overlooking it? I am anxious to try it but would like to know how many calories I am burning.


I did High Reps two days ago (from the downloads) and absolutely loved it (I love those gliding discs). Today I only had time to do the STS total Body Timesaver from the DVD and was even more amazed at how thorough it was in such a short period of time. (I can't comment on the music because I turned it off to focus on the actual workout and the moves.) It definitely was fast and complete. It's destined to be one of my all time favorites! Cathe has outdone herself! I can't wait to do the total workout when I have more actual time.


STS Total Body.... Just WOW. Seriously, this may be the best total body workout of all time, and I only did the time saver with no bonus burn and no abs. The 2 sets of each trisets that dropped from 16 to 12 and the VERY fast pace of moving from one exercise to the next kept the workout very engaging. I was sweating during this like I was doing cardio, during the rows, I dropped my weights and STILL could not get through the full 16 reps. By the last leg triset my legs were literally shaking on the wide legged deadlifts.



I only got a tiny taste of High Reps the other night. The day I got them I teach two fitness class & I had DOMS from my workout the day before, but I couldn't help myself so I popped in High Reps & just did the shoulders, biceps & triceps. I loved it! I had to drop my weights as those reps sure do add up! Now I am on vacation for Thanksgiving & my husband thinks I am a nut cause all I can say is I can't wait till we get home so I can do my new workouts!


ladubose - you are a nut! But you are with your own kind here! This is Jillian40 from SP. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your vacation!

Cathe Friedrich

Yay, great to hear all the feedback. I had in mind what I was going for with these workouts and you guys are all finding it (and feeling it :eek:) ....yay!!!!


I did High Reps today and it totally rocked. I love love love it!! Cathe, you've hit it out of the park with this one. I cannot believe how quickly the time flew by. The exercises with the band were really fun and the core work was great.

I love these new workouts!! I was trying so hard my whole bod was just shaking while doing High Reps!! Both High Reps and STS Total Body just kicked by butt!! Yay!


My fave section on high reps is the gliding disc choreographed leg work. So much fun! A lot more fun than the STS ones.


I'm previewing High Reps right now and love it! Totally look forward to doing this one. Looks fun and super effective.


did High Reps today, although very modified as I have a cracked rib & recovering from a bad knee sprain. I was able to do all the lower body work & it is really fun, even with lighter weights than I normally would use I still got a good sweat going. can't do pushups yet or over head press stuff, but managed to do chest flyes. I was so happy to do something even if I had to modify or omit. can' wait til I can do it full on!
I agree that this one flows well and goes by so quickly. reminds me of the Body Pump type class I used to teach, but better!

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