STS Pyramid Challenge - January

Jules-wow you are burning some crazy calories!! Good job on all the hard work

I forgot to check in yesterday with my workout. I did disc 31 C/B. So tough! Loved the really heavy weight though. I had to keep increasing the weight to find that sweet spot where i was failing at 6 reps. Felt really strong :)

BUUUUUT today i woke up with a sore throat :( So looks like Plyo legs is going to have to wait...unexpected rest day
Hi Ladies! I just finished my work for the day (I'm an editor) and I'm about to work out.

Heather, I'm so sorry to hear you are under the weather today. :( I tend to get sick easily and I know how frustrating it can be. You are smart to take the day off so one sick day doesn't turn into a week. I also have Plyo Legs on my calendar for today, so I will work extra hard and dedicate the workout to you! I plan to finish up with Kick, Punch, & Crunch. Time: 116 minutes Calories: 749. I'll report back if I survive... wish me luck!

I'm back -- that was fun! Plyo Legs W3 wasn't too bad, actually. There were no dreaded half turn jumps, tuck jumps, or air jacks. (There were evil 1-legged squat thrusts, however.) I'm ready for some lunch. :)
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I had a great workout planned today, but ended up taking a rest day instead (but I'm totally cool with that). DD had the day off from school. Sadly her principal passed away from cancer on Sunday and today was his funeral. We didn't go to the service, as dd is only in kindy and her school has had an interim principal all year. We did hit the Target toy clearance, which went to 70% off and had a total blast stocking up for next year. :D After getting home from all the shopping, I was feeling quite a bit of doms in my glutes from yesterday and decided to just bag it for today and rest up.

Heather, I hope you are feeling better today. :)
Heather: I hope you're feeling better! We have that same sore throat nonsense kicking up over here. It was DH all week, and now that he's up and running, I wake up w/it :confused: ...ugh!...Your wo sounds like mine, last week, w/ constantly tweaking the weights to get it just right. It's awesome, because you KNOW that you're strength is improving!

Jules: Glad you and DD were able to make a day out of it. Sounds like it was a perfect time to snag an unplanned rest day. sounds like your body needed it, too, after your Plyo fiasco :p


My workouts so far this week:
Mon: KCM- Stepbox
Tues: Chest/Back D28
Wed: LIS-CSS (premix intervals 1-4) ~26 min
Thur: SRL D40

Today will be SBT disc 30? This was "technically" my last wk of M3, but I decided to go ahead and repeat the two middle weeks of STS before moving on to my rest week and heading back down the pyramid. Why, you ask? Because I LOVE IT SO DANG MUCH , that's why LOL. Plus, I just felt I was finagling w/the weights way too much during those weeks for one reason or another (headaches, going to light one week, and then taking to the last set to get the weight just right the next week), so I just wanna get weeks 2&3 right before moving on. My upper body responds SO well to that Meso, that I don't wanna go all halfway, with it and move on, never to do again (realistically) until fall/winter. I"ll only be re-doing the upper body discs, though (so yesterday was my last M3 leg wo)...
Hey girls,

I am still here:D just have so little time to post these days.

As you all know, we got the house. Had a painter come in and paint our new 4000 sqft house, that was Monday. Yesterday we had to let the painter go:( he didn't liked us telling him to covering the carpets and so on:eek: WTH? So DH and I decited to paint the house, it will take us longer but I know it will be done/right! I wanted a cleaning team to clean the entire house, decited yesterday I will clean it myself. We hired a cleaning team in El Paso, when we sold our house in April. The girl, just dusted the sand off the windows with a dry paper towel:rolleyes: (I fired her, after 6 hours telling her to use soap and water). So I don't wanna go through this again. People just want to make quick money. They don't care about your stuff.

This week is my recovery week, I finished the 6 1/2 month rotation, I will start pyramiding down on Monday. I will do each month once not twice;)

Kiki - congrats on finishing STS!

Heather - I hope you're feeling better!

Jules - glad you had fun with your DD anyway!

Waving Hi to everyone I missed. Just letting you all know, I am still here and working out hard.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. I will be back Monday!
Hi everyone!!
I have been MIA for a while waiting on my new computer (which finally arrived!) I am on the down side of the pyramid (disc 18 today) and I have mixed feelings about my results. I LOVE my strength gains!!! I HATE the BULKINESS! I have been eating super clean but Meso 2 (which is my favorite Meso) always bulks me up!!
I decided to go down the pyramid in descending disc numbers. Kiki- your reason for restarting each Meso from the beginning makes great sense, but I wanted to continue to challenge my muscles with the heavier weights in an effort to maintain the gains achieved. I am 51 and once I have gained something I want to keep it. I know this is probably the root cause of my bulkiness, but maybe Meso 1 will really sculpt it out!!
That being said I really LOVE the rotations Cathe has posted for this month and i will be moving into that rotation once my pyramid is complete. I have started teaching a few more aerobics and Pilates classes since the first of the year so it has been more challenging fitting in the STS rotation around my teaching schedule. In the past I have felt my classes interfered with my rotation and I did not achieve what I could have if I was dedicating myself to STS whole heartedly. I am being smart this time and only agreed to classes that would compliment the rotation (ie- Cardio and Pilates only- no extra weight work)

Whew... Just finished up Week 3 Squat Rack Legs plus Weights & Plates Abs. That was intense! I was recording the Broncos vs. Patriots game but Pats are winning by a landslide now in the 3rd qtr. Saints vs. 49ers was a terrific game to watch!

Kiki: Glad to hear you are loving Meso 3. :) It's so awesome when you wake up looking forward to your workout each day.

Belinda: Congrats on finishing the 6 1/2 month rotation! Sorry you can't get decent painters or cleaners but I bet you will be so much happier with the results doing it yourself - plus think of all the calories you will burn in the process. :D

Brenda: You finally got your new computer - yay! I hope all your kicked up cardio will help keep the bulkiness away. I have the opposite problem (hard gainer) but I just keep plugging away at it. :)
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I'm slacking off so far today, and all weekend I didn't do a thing :confused: ...DS had basketball practice today, so I've been running around doing errands, which is crazy, because every place is packed (I guess for the holiday). Now I'm sitting in the parking lot...I wonder if I'll perhaps get in a quick cardio tonight? I hate when I don't get it done early. I didn't "technically" have anything planned, since I should be on rest week, but planned on doing my repeat workouts this week....
It was super tough to get motivated today, but I got it done. (Doing the happy dance, as Cathe says. :)) I have my "visitor" today and she's a bit of a nuisance. Plus, dh and I stayed up 'til 1 am last night watching Parks and Rec.

After 2 cups of coffee I sucked it up and did Disc 34 C&B and Hiit 30/30. I may do some core work later. Time: 98 min Calories: 656.

Kiki: I have days like that where I just can't seem to motivate and do errands instead. Maybe just do a halfsies workout tonight - so 2 sets instead of 4 for each exercise - but increase your weights?
Today was cardio. I did Hardcore Extreme Interval Blast and finished up with No Equipment Abs. I'm starving! Time: 86 minutes Calories: 609.
Today was the final Plyo Legs of Meso 3 and it was tough! I finshed up with MMA: Boxing (skipped the bonus heavy bag work tho). Time: 98 minutes Calories: 641.

It's pretty quiet around here this week -- I hope you gals are feeling ok. :)
Hi Y'all,

I took last week off, felt like I needed the recovery time. Started back w/ M1 Monday....hopefully I won't have anymore delays and will finish up in a few weeks :)

Good Morning Gals! My workout for the day is done. :) I did MIC plus Stretch Max w/band. Time: 89 minutes Calories: 663. MIC was especially tough today as my legs were still fatigued from Plyo Legs. I have been doubling up on leg workouts since October which was fine when I wasn't doing much cardio, but now that I have kicked it up a notch my legs are getting tired. I plan to finish up Meso 3 with SRL this weekend and then I will stick to just one heavy leg day/week as I pyramid down.

I know I will sacrifice some of the muscle I gained in the last couple of months, but I am making fat loss my number one goal until the end of this STS rotation. Once I reach my goal weight I will cut back on the cardio and concentrate on weights. Change is good!
I got a good night's sleep last night, but this morning I was dragging a bit. So, to really kick my own butt into gear I made today a "marathon" day! I've got energy to spare now!

I did Disc 36 SBT, Coremax (stability ball section), and MMA:Kickbox. Just ate a delicious lunch of veggie hash and black bean burger and I am going to have my second cup o joe for the day. :p

Time:134 minutes Calories:836! :eek:
Hey Jules! Sorry to leave ya hangin all week, lol. This was a pretty lax week for me. I did finally get in an elliptical run on Monday night. Tues/Thurs were a repeat of disc 31&33, Wed. was a spin DVD (Mindy Mylrea), & today was Turbo Barre. Man my glutes were on FIRE!!!

I thought I saw you on MFP? Was it my imagination? :confused:

Hey Tracy!
Hey Girls...

So sorry for not coming back here. Last workout i did was on monday when me and the hubby went for a jog. Since then i came down with ANOTHER cold!! I havent been able to workout like i did with the last one. This one is kicking my butt!

I think im on the mend though. I think Im going redo Week 3 because i didnt feel like i really got in there good.

Im really excited b/c in 2 weeks me and hubby are going to go skiing!! That happens to fall on my "rest" week :) Then when we come back home im going down the pyramid :) So excited
Morning Ladies! Today is the last day of Meso 3 for me - SRL! Yesterday I did Shovel Max for 2 hours LOL. :)

Kiki: Yes, that is me on MFP. I need to sit down and figure out how it all works plus start friending peeps. It looks like fun!

Heather: Sorry to hear you are still battling illness. It's so hard once you get run down to get back in the groove. :( Hopefully this will be a good week for you! I find that when I am run down I need to avoid the really intense cardio like Insanity or I am super slow to recover.
Yay got my first workout in since i was sick. BUT it's now that TOM. Cant catch a break!

Did C/B W3 and was able to keep my weights the same since i did it 2 weeks ago. Was afraid i would lose the strength but pleasently suprise i was still right with the weights.

I think im going to skip plyo legs and just do the squat rack legs this week. Next week to finish up M3 i will go do plyo and squat rack but just not feeling it this week.
Back to Meso 2 today -- Disc 22 CST (yeah - I am skipping the active rest week cuz I'm on a roll and feel good). Man, that workout went fast! I was happy that my triceps are stronger since I completed Meso 3 and I improved my scores. Chest and shoulders were about the same as last time though. For cardio today I did Rythmic Step. It's been so long since I last did this and it was really fun. :) Time:103 minutes Calories: 685. I was really bad yesterday on my cheat day and had a few drinks while watching the playoffs. I'm starting to feel better now though - sweated all the bad stuff out!

Heather: Glad to hear you are feeling better and that you haven't lost strength! I hear you on skipping the Plyo Legs. My legs are getting so fatigued from doubling up each week so I am dropping to just one intense leg workout per week on the way down the pyramid.
Hi Girls,

On track to do D4 tonight. I sort of miss my morning w/o times but since hubs wants to do STS w/ me he can only do it at night. I'm still doing my T/TH/Sat w/o's in the A.M. though. I'm really trying to kick it in gear w/ the eats this week & get away from the sugar and white flour. Since Thanksgiving I've been pretty lax.

Hi KiKi...thanks for the shout out :D

Jules, you are on fire w/ the w/o's...keep it up!

Heather, skiing :cool: I'm so jealous!!

Hope y'all are having a good start to your week :)


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