STS mixed with newer DVDs


I can’t quite figure out which workout is after the leg workout in the first week. Can anyone identify for me? BTW this rotation looks so fun!
The workout after the STS leg workout in week one is listed as Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp Premix 1.

Thanks for pointing this workout out, str8shooter. I posted this rotation and I think this is listed incorrectly or I made a mistake when posting it. Day 6 of each week is supposed to be a high impact hiit cardio day. I would not recommend that Bootcamp premix as it uses legs and we wouldn't want to work legs two days in a row. Timesaver Premix 5 from the S&S Bootcamp workout omits legs and so that could be used (adding an ab bonus). Or, you may choose any hiit training workout of your choice. Because I created this rotation a couple of years ago, there are some new hiit workouts that you may want to select for that day - Fit Split Shred Cardio or Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio for example. Again, I would select the premix with the Bonus Abs segment included so that you are sure to get 2 ab workouts in for the week.

Sorry about the error!

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