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Hey everyone! I'm new to Cathe, and friends on MyFitnessPal collective love of all Cathe, specifically STS, convinced me to give it a go! I started Feb. 25th, and just started M1 W3 D1 Chest, Shoulders, Biceps today. Couple of questions for you all, and I apologize if they've been asked before, I'll keep searching in the meantime just in case:

1) When you did your 1RMs, did you track just one single weight, or the total weight used (1 dumbell/plate or both). Reason I'm asking, I did them all recording just a single weight for each exercise to keep myself unconfused (like that helped.). However, when there are exercises which require only one weight (Leg presses, etc.), sometimes the single weight is too light, and other times it's just perfect. I'm never sure if I should use the weight on the Workout Card or if I should double it into one single I making any sense?!

2) When doing a superset, do you keep the same weight, regardless of the followup exercise? For instance, when I do calf raises after squats I have been keeping the same weight throughout both exercises, but when I do calf raises on their own, I can use much heavier that a normal process to follow?

3) Today's workout, M1W3D1 Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, I was able to do a few pounds heavier on most exercises than was listed on the Card. I've been updating my 1RMS after each workout to try and keep them accurate, but it's still not right on several. On others, it's a bit over by a pound or so, and I adjust accordingly, but wasn't sure if it's bad if I'm not going to failure on every single exercise involving a weight.

4) After the first 1.5 weeks I had AWFUL DOMS in my legs and back. I loved every bit of it, no worries, but after Week 2 legs, I have nothing...and my biceps NEVER are sore...used to be if I weight lifted before, I could barely lift my arms the next day and now it's like nothing happened. Is this normal, or is it a sign I'm not pushing myself like I should be....

OH all the thoughts running through my head are telling me to ask millions more questions, but I"ll stop there for now. If you have any advise/insight into any of this nonsense, please feel free to tell me...even if it's to just calm down already!! :eek:

Thank you all for your help, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts! :)




Think of it like this, there is no wrong way in getting the job done as long as you are putting effort in and making it challenging for yourself. If this is your first time though, think of it like a warm up. The next time you do it you will be more knowledgeable than the first time as in form, weight selections and how to use the system. Just make sure that whatever weight you select you are doing it with good form and it challenges you and go from there. You will get results!

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