STS first time!

Cardiac unit today. Really hoping for a double. Dh is ice fishing with his buddies for the weekend and ds is sleeping over at grandma's tonight. If I only work day shift I'll go home and workout and then head over there and sleep. Dh doesn't get home til tomorrow so it works best if he just sleeps over there or else I'd have to drop him off super early tomorrow morning. This morning she came over to our place and waited til he woke up and then took him back to her place. Funny enough he was up five minutes before I had to leave which was at 6:15. He never gets up that early!

Two walks down! Hopefully two more to go. Just waiting to get my confirmation call for my double ;) They said they needed people this morning but things change.

Ok dear god someone had a nasty BM and the smell is terrible. Must change computers. I'll be back.
Alright I'm back. Yikes! I can usually tolerate smells but that had to be a c-dif room. Nasty infection with loose stools.

Jean- Book club sounds fun but like you, I don't think I'd get a word in edgewise.

Carolyn- Way to rock CSS! I love that one. It's been awhile. I should break it out.

Betty- Good call on staying inside. It's way too cold to be out if you don't have to.

Hi Missy and Mary!

Getting an ICU transfer for I better scoot.
Flurrying out now. Tiny storm. (3-6")

Carolyn, is there a code for LL Bean? I went into site and don't see 30% off flashing all over. Do you have a code for STP?
What do you suppose is the continued pain from?

Marie, I don't handle BM smells very well. I'm a huge gagger! I was able to tolerate my little kids' but that's it.
Hope you get that double. You're so young and can handle it!
Do you know the ins and outs of lung surgery when they excise a cancerous portion? My boss lady is out in a room now but we don't know anything about the recovery and what's expected.

I'm mulling over the idea of using some wordpress/blogsspot site for us to check in to. I don't know anything about that though!!! Do any of you? Every time Cathletes see that "STS First Time" heading, they jump in to read our thread. There's no privacy. Even though we are all strangers, our day-to-days seem so personal that I don't want anyone else to read them. What do y'all think?
Just came in from shoveling off the deck, wow that was tough! The snow was light on top but heavy on the bottom, and I had to twist to lift it over the rails - I hope my back is ok. And I did CCC this morning, I had to take a couple of breaks but I finished it!

Betty I was sort of in your neck of the woods yesterday, there was a big college basketball tournament at BU and we went to see DD play. She played well and it was fun to watch.

Feels downright balmy today! Anyone watching the oscars tonight? I like to see the clothes.
Hi Mary! I was at BU yesterday too dropping off stuff to ds1! There was a lot of traffic and we figured it was one game or another that BU always seems to have! How fun for you. Was it dd1?? We probably passed each other somewhere! We were there around 3.
I just finished cutting ds2's hair. Boy, could I use a trim and color:-/
We made a huge brunch this morning--crispy waffles, bacon, hash browns, soft-boiled eggs.... Had to toss my half and half, so my coffee was not enjoyable! I used soy milk in it, and it looked like dirty dishwater! I prob should stop drinking coffee; it's supposedly not good for menopause. The dairy and sugar I add on makes it doubly and triply worse. I resolve to have matcha tea every morning.
The sun is in and out. It feels marvelous since dh says it's a bit warmer today.
Mary, I forgot to say that I LOVE seeing the celebrity gowns. So much that I used to buy People mag to ogle them:p.
And yes, nice job with CCC. For some reason I don't love that one.
Jean, did you get anything from PC?
Carolyn, great idea on researching whether we can have more people in a private conversation; might do to ask forum admin--maybe they can add more people
Jean, I'd say your budget allows for plenty!:D How exciting! I love kitchen gadgets. Their prices sound like All Clad, which I can't bring myself to buy.
Yikes, that's frightening on The Mall of America! Stay away, Marie!
That's so scary isn't it?! We were planning to go meet Curious George at the mall on Tues but that is NOT happening now. The lines will definitely be
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Carolyn, LICh is like, idk! What step workouts do you have? Low Max or Rhythmic Step, maybe HIS in 4Ds. It's a frustrating workout for me.
I did AOLIH with some core and 35 rear delts.
You have an ice dam. We are flooded (pun) with those types of calls at the plumbing place.

Marie, a new nursery! Oh, I will drool from here.
Carolyn, you are not fond of step workouts are you? For LIC, I would do any steady state workout instead.

Betty, we were at BU for DD1's game at 4. We could have passed each other on the street and not known! BU has a beautiful sports facility there, does DS1 take advantage of it?

Biting wind out there today, and it is supposed to get much colder. Brr.
Hello there fit friends.... this weekend I was super busy.... I got my workouts in....but had no time to check in as Tim had me moving...LOL

We tilled up our garden this weekend....getting our dirt ready for April.... I did plant lettace and beets (seeds) saturday... so in about 7-10 days it should sprout! Yippeeee.... it is tolerant to cold weather.... as for everything else.... I must wait till April.... and I cant wait as grocery store produce is not very flavorful right now!:cool:

As for chatting in a differant area...I am 100% on board.... I do not like our chats to be so public :confused:.... privacy is nice!

Today, tomorrow, and wednesday its suppose to rain a little.... then it will get cold again... :(

Saturday I did CSS and Sunday I did a 3 mile run/walk.... Tonight I will attempt Afterburn...oh my.... it may kill me! LOL... getting back on board with my workouts feels good though.... I do feel like I lost my energy and stregth over the 3 weeks I was sick.... so slowly Im moving forward!

I am searching for a new electric toothbrush.... I am looking at the Phillips Sonicare Diamond clean.... it kinda pricey... but I watched a video on youtube and it had me hooked....LOL

Better get back to work...I have lots to do.... I will check in after I attempt to kill my muscles with afterburn! LOL :D
Missy, my dentist says both that brand and Braun are good for electric toothbrushes.
I started progesterone cream last night. Any advice? I know you used to apply it.

Mary, I bet we did pass each other! Ds is a rabid men's hockey fan so he must be in that arena a ton.

Thank ye plumbing heavens--the phones were relatively quiet today.
My boss lady had the best outcome from pathology post-surgery! No chemo or radiation necessary. Thank God. In the meantime she is suffering discomfort while she heals, understandably.
I can't remember getting off at 3 in a while.
It is frigid out. I can't take it any more. Cal(ifornia), take me away!

Carolyn, what are y'all doing this school vaca? I'm sure you came up with something creative.
What workout did you do?

Having matcha with kettle corn.... Laundry in background. Cioppino tonight.
Carolyn, how utterly fun! High five to you and your kids! So amazing! The family that plays together.....
Jean, how sad! She was so young! What kind of cancer did you say? Will there be a neighborhood wake?
What a neat scenario you describe. I definitely believe anything's possible!
My cioppino (seafood stew) was delish.
Ok, here we go. The new season of The Voice starts tonight. Dh is hooked. It's a huge time-suck.
Good sunny morning! It is FRIGID--sub-zero. Somebody up there please take pity on us and have mercy! Don't we change the time in two weeks?? Maybe it's 4 weeks.
Carolyn, that is so neat your kids like to exercise with you. You're laying a foundation and they will keep fitness in their lives.
Why do you have to get up at 7?? It's vacation week so sleep later!
Ds2 is so lazy he barely moves. We have to threaten him to use the spin bike.
Having matcha this morning. No coffee because no half and half.
Ugh I had a long post and then tapatalk stopped working. Here's a recap :)

CSS yesterday. With all the talk I had to do it. My mom did it this weekend including the step bonus.

I got floated to medical yesterday because mom baby was up a nurse. I was soooo bummed!

This morning was LIHI Legs and Abs 1. It was so hard this morning but felt great.

Zoo this morning with friends. No plans for the rest of the day.

Carolyn Love that you worked out with the kids. Way to set a great example!

Jean Sorry to hear about your neighbor :( It's always sad but especially at such a young ago. I'll check out that link. JE is so tiny right?!

Betty Good news about boss lady. Love hearing that.

Hi Mary! Stay warm.

Missy Love that you're out in your garden. Jealous ;)
Good morning! It is sunny, but repeat all the rest of the miserable stuff.:-/ We had light snow overnight.
I did RWH Ch, Sh, Tri (tough!) with Abs 1 (loved it). I skipped all pushup finishers. I think I did this one last week. Honestly, I can't remember much any more.

Marie, what a super bummer that you couldn't work at the mom/baby unit!:-/

Jean, loved your outing to HG with the ladies. More fun shopping with them than anyone else!
Your neighbor was your age--how sad. And cancer is such a horrible way to go. I just want to go in my sleep.

Carolyn, how about an indoor water park in Fitchburg, MA. Great Wolf Lodge or something. Stay over or go for the day. Could use some warm-weather activity, though I like the xc skiing idea myself (never tried it before); same with snowshoeing.
No disc for the kids--safer that way.

Yesterday at my PA job, my man had a cold:-/ Needless to say I was freaking out fearing I'll catch it. After, I took ds to piano--first time I've driven in two weeks!:confused: Avoidance of snowmaggedon.
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