STS first time!

Hiho. Got off work at 2:30. It was not too bad at work, but I think my coworker would disagree. She seemed a bit frazzled, but then she deals with the majority of the calls, scheduling, dispatching. I only pick up the phone when she's on the other line. Is that bad??
Marie, I did Core 1 on Burn Sets (XT). I can't even remember how Lift it Ch/Tr/Sh was! I've done it once, I think.
How very sad about your patient. You must have seen quite a few deaths in your career. Does it help you figure out any spirituality stuff? I'm not an atheist. More like agnostic (is there or isn't there a God?).
Kombucha is a refrigerated drink. Speaking of which, I should go get it. I've split it into 3 days to drink it. Don't ask me why.
Carolyn, you find the neatest things on extreme clearance! I've never heard of that brand before! Is it for you or the kids?
I need to check out the Stretching book; it sounds so enlightening.
I think you have the same precipitation expected as us in one of the storms (3-6"); was it Monday?
Carolyn, how awful! Could he end up worse than hurting her? What sort of hold does he have on her that she won't leave? You won't be able to sway her since that last incident wasn't enough to put the fear in her. Maybe you just need to disengage from her. It's too painful to watch. Heroin addiction is so bad. Even if he wants to get clean it's a disease and he'll relapse. Hang in there.
About your pain--can your condition be exacerbated by exercise? Great pun.

Jean, you must be getting snow right about now.
The worst part? Dh never apologizes. For anything. Does yours?

Homebound tomorrow. A good thing.
Carolyn, isn't that little boy Riley in MCJr just adorable? You could just eat his sweet face and politeness up. And he's so knowledgeable! What a disadvantage being 8 and that much shorter. The machinery is heavy, and the difficulty having no leverage from his height. He is amazing!
Hiho. It snowed overnight and today it is very pretty out--all covered with light fluffy snow. Now it seems that rain has started. What a mess that'll make!
Oink. I had a huge brunch with waffles, bacon (no 'trates or 'trites), scrambled eggs, hash browns, apples, fresh coffee. Yum. You can't get it this good when you go out for it.

Carolyn, how scary your friend had the murder-suicide flash through her mind and it didn't change her mind! Very frightening situation. I'm sorry for what you're going through. You're sucked into it as a bystander but she chooses it.
Dh will be home shortly:D.
I need to get that book you mentioned. It's just that they all come at once and I have 4 or 5 books to read at the same time!:confused:
You know what? When ds1 was home over Xmas break, he said the same thing about MCJr! He said everything is scripted. I disagree! He made me mad!:D These kids have a level of knowledge you can't just fake during filming! They were taught and have put in hours and hours of practice. And they have a love for it. Who can even come up with some of those combinations of flavors?? I can coach my boys and believe me, they couldn't cook like that! I do however believe the kids are coached in what they say during their commenting on their actions. But don't you just love how they are so warm with one another? It tears me up every time to see them group-hug.

Jean, I was definitely hired to help out with the phones! I just wait to pick up so that someone else goes first, but I don't let it go past 3 rings. My coworker doesn't have to explicitly ask me to help out because I jump in anyway.
Is dh your second husband? I don't know why I think that.
We can commiserate here. Another example: when dh gets a coffee cup, he gets his own only. I get two out. Or, here's a good one. I go crazy remembering to make sure he gets a daily cal-mag supplement. He ticked me off the other night when he said it doesn't prevents his migraines, which I have proven it does, but he refuses to acknowledge and accepts that he gets headaches and will take Excedrin.:mad: I know there's absolutely no appreciation for the myriad touching gestures or tasks I do that are so considerate and thoughtful. If anyone ever did that for me I'd keel over and think I'd gone to heaven.
Jimmy? He's sweet too.

Well put about the work Jean and all of us women do! We are the CEO of our families and do it so well. Our value is over $200K annually. Such a travesty our contribution isn't properly valued.
I agree Jean. If dh doesn't want to work, he shouldn't resent you for it!
Are those the coming-from-MA neighbors?

Just tidying up around the house and whatnot. Nothing earth-shattering.
Hello and happy I planned all meals for next week... went to grocery store....did 4 loads of laundry.... made a pot roast in slow cooker, made spag sauce, burittos for my lunch mon and tues amd then went to gym with my friend....hit the weights and then went out and ran 2 miles! Oh and I also made home made salsa! Yummy!!!!

Carolyn....omg....I understand you frustration with your friend..... my coworker is sorta going through a similar situation....her boyfriend of 8 years, which they livw together, left her....and all she wants is him back....even though he is very abrusive physically and mentally....I just don't understand it.....

Jean....frank should quit if he hates work....and find another job.... I really hope yall can find happiness.... I can't imagine be unhappy..... I do have a loving marriage and I cherish it..... I never take my hubby for granted... hugs my friend!

Have yall tried pb2? I made energy balls today woth it.... and its good.... 85% less fat calories...
Jean, I can sympathize. Hang in there. He must have some redeeming qualities so that you fell in love with him. Try to remember those.

Missy, now I've seen it all. Powdered PB! Last night I saw powdered mushroom on America's Test Kitchen!

Carolyn, great year to get a snowblower, with your back and all.
We may be getting a foot of snow in the region Tuesday!
What a fun day you guys had! We are so not outdoors people! Dh and ds did the snow clearing.

I did nothing today! Not in a good way because I should have done something.
This coming storm sounds really bad! Luckily I have the option to work from home when weather is bad.

We used to put up a skating rink in our yard, the kids loved it and would have friends over. As they got older they used it less and less, and it was so much work. Today we were invited to a friend's to skate on a nearby lake, but my dds opted to go to the mall! They are going to a sweet 16 party next weekend and have to get something to wear. How times change! There is an article in the paper today about things to do outdoors in the winter, but I don't want to do them by myself. Carolyn, enjoy all this outdoor family time.

I did RWH Back Shoulders bis today, and abs 2. I really like the ab workouts in this series, even though I couldn't hold my flying angels as long as Cathe.

Beautiful sunshine today. Enjoy!
Now to post my workout before giving report to the evening nurses. Yesterday I did my walks. Did I check in Fri?! I did LICh that day. Last night I went really crazy with the chocolate. Seriously I couldn't stop. Soooo I got up at 4:45 and did To the Max before work and went for 2 walks today. Hopefully that takes a little bit of care of the chocolate haha!

Ok off to give report and then home to hangout with my boys! Can't wait :)
Marie, you gave me chills reading those stories! OMG! (Oops, pun.) That is unbelievable.
I dearly wish for more caring, loving nurses like you. You give me renewed faith in the goodness of people, which is hard to see nowadays.
I gave up on LICh. Too aggravating to learn.
You're nuts getting up at 4:45:D. No guilt on chocolate! It's great for you!

Mary, I can't believe our kids are 16 (nearly?).
Not an outdoorsy person but get out there with dh, a friend, a daughter, or yourself. Today was very nice out though.
Is dh home yet?

Jean, I agree that both genders need to be taught homekeeping chores. Plus emotional intelligence and consideration.

I popped into a market earlier. Crowded! Bread, eggs, milk! For the impending storm! Insane.
The snowstorm is shaping up to be worse than first forecasted! I'm hearing the word 'blizzard'. Yikes:confused:
Carolyn What a fun day! I love snow shoeing and ice fishing. I eat the fish :)

Jean Relaxing day for you. Sounds nice. Have you seen "The Interview?" Apparently it's on Netflix right now.

Betty People love to stock up for storms don't they?! ;) I hate shopping on the weekends..too busy! Thanks for the lovely compliment.

Mary Oh the mall. Yup my 14 going on 21yo niece would opt for that over anything. Bet they'll have fun at the party.

Hi Missy! I have that pb on my list :) Can't wait to try it!
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Good morning! The calm before the blizzard:confused:
I did a shortened version of my beloved KPC. I forget how much I love it. And it comes with a good abs workout that I always feel the next day.
PA today and tomorrow. Which hopefully will be a snow day. Or two.
Carolyn, prob need to change your eye appt.
Have a great Monday, all!
Nice job Betty! I always want to do that one but it's sooo long. I tend to forget about premixes. Looks like I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.
Tabatacise and core 1 done. B is still snoozing so I'm sipping my coffee. My mom and stepdad were in town this weekend and he went to Sam's and bought me Kashi dark chocolate almond sea salt bars and some vanilla hazelnut coffee. He knows me well haha! This coffee is amazing. Usually I'm all about Starbucks dark roast but I'm digging this flavored stuff :)

I was soooo bad with eating this weekend. I was good all day and then just went crazy in the evening. Pizza last night. Way too much chocolate. I also made energy balls on Sat and ate way too many. I feel gross but somehow when relaxing on the couch and eating I tend to forget how I'll feel the next day. Ugh! TMI I got my period this morning so I'm blaming that too ;) I need to get back on track. On the plus side I did do my intense workouts and pounded lots of extra water.

Swimming lessons at ten :) That's all for now.....
Jean Thanks for that stretch video! I couldn't watch it at work so I just saw it now. Lots of good info. That guy reminds me of my BIL. He's a personal trainer too.

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