STS first time!

Good morning! It will be a mostly sunny week, so hallelujah!
I did a load of laundry for my workout.
Nothing new to report.

Missy, glad Tim is on the mend. Keep wiping things down daily. Don't touch your face!
The hormone book is very interesting. I'm happy to see that I'm already eating or avoiding the foods I should be.:D
How often do you ride your horses? That must be the neatest thing! My CA niece is so in love with horses. She's only had access to the paper kind! But no thanks on the cleaning aspect. I'm such a wuss when it comes to poop and dirt.:-/
Betty... you are going to laugh..... We DO NOT ride them. yes you read that right.... they are lawn ornaments! lol
I did CF this morning. I needed something intense because we ordered pizza for dinner last night. It was so good but I'm feeling it this morning. me a text this morning.

Missy Glad to hear Tim is feeling better. That's funny that you don't ride your horses but they are pretty to look at :) That's insane that you got in that car accident. Thank goodness you were okay!

Jean Glad bingo was fun. Win or lose. Either way it's just fun to hang out with your girls.

Betty I'm jealous of your sun. It's so cloudy here. Speaking of laundry I should get on that. When I'm out of workout clothes I know it's time.

Story time soon. Then we are going to have lunch with my dad later.
Carolyn My heartrate went way up. He is fearless in the water and it is scary. Nice job on HC and shoulders. Loving those DOMS in the buns :) Love that you're back to working out. Great memories from the videos. Love hearing about them. How fun to hear grandma's voice :)
Hiho. Left work at 2:30 to head to my lesson. Walked to the post office before noon and it felt invigorating outdoors. The sun, the crisp air. Normally I'm not keen but I remembered yesterday when I was hot flashing and overheating in my coat.
After TJ's I treated myself to a Starbucks soy mocha. Decaf of course. It has been soooo long since I've gone to Sb because I couldn't bring myself to get a mocha with milk, and I was avoiding soy till last week.
Carolyn, I envy you your videos. I should do the same with picture albums....
If you try spin, go easy and feel it out.
Marie, I had ds2 just before I turned 35. Good age (or a little younger) to have a kid. Nowadays our cousins are just getting engaged at 30 or 31. They'll be older when they have a first.
Potato/kale/sausage/chick peas soup for dinner
Carolyn, the modern video cameras are so tiny! Look at the GoPro (?spelling). Don't you hate how as the camera person or the videographer you can't see or enjoy the event you're filming??
Yup, everyone likes the soup. It is a delicious one. I think Olive Garden has a version.
Can't ever go wrong with Italian!
Good morning.....yes yes yes....carolyn....yesterday at lunch it was beautiful outside....I wanted to leave work so go for a run....but I don't think the docs would have liked that! But it was so tempting....

I did run on treadmill last night though....

I found a 5k run to do in march....its one I've never done that exciting....
I have this problem....when posting on my phone.... if I click on a word to fix spelling....I can't scroll back to bottom to continue that's why sometimes I have to post 2 messages back to back....hehehehe

Carolyn...definitely videotape everything. .. i take pics of everything too...

Tomorrow I am taking a girl that works at the pharmacy next door to our try spin on thursday....wonder of she will like it????

Better...get dressed for work....bbl...
Good morning! I did HiiT LB Circuit. It was definitely fun! I love those kind of step moves. The HiiT part was not as fun--lot of high impact. I should only do HiiT once a week--my poor knees! I need to pull out my old Cathes.
I think this is the first workout that I noticed Deazie! The white Nike sneakers are so retro.
Have a nice day! Plumbing place rest of week. Owners are on vacation so I hope it's not crazy busy.
Wow, I wouldn't have been able to prepare a big meal being ravenous. Snacks first, right?:D
It would be neat to hang from a bar. Lord knows I can't do a pull-up.
I'm tired. This whole week I woke before the alarm. Can you say anxiety about going to work??:D. Being so full doesn't help.
We had a crazy busy day too! I did Chest, Triceps and Shoulders this morning. Once again I'm going to say it, Cathe is strong as heck. I didn't match her on hardly any of the exercises. I worked it though because it was definitely hard to wash my hair when I was done.

We had his toddler this morning. He cried a bit when I left but I guess quickly stopped. When I got back he ran up to me, hugged me and said "I missed you mama, sorry for crying." Sweet cute boy! Of course I told him it was okay that he cried.

I had to fit my yoga in this week and I'm busy the next two days. Tony got out of school early so I took advantage and did UY Detox. Felt great!

Then we had a playdate at the library with friends. This evening we had his dance class.

No nap for him makes a smooth bedtime. After bath we read books and he crashed.

Tony out to dinner with some guy friends. So it's time for this mama to chill out and watch The Bachelor.
How utterly sweey B said that! Melts my heart.
Why do boys think it's not ok to cry? Would a little girl have said that?
Marie, you're doing so well with your workouts! Fitting in UY too!
I'm thinking only one HiiT a week!
Good night! Tired!
Hello? It's a ptly sunny morning so far. Who knows if it'll last. We're supposed to get 3 storms in the next few days.
I washed my stovetop for my exercise. I should do a short yoga or something but instead I sleep an extra half hour.
I think I was so tired last evening from Cathe. My neck was a bit sore this morning.
Maybe tomorrow I'll do an oldie but goodie--KPC.
All's well, everyone? Mary, how is dd3 doing with her jd?
Look this up: (did I mention this already?) The premise is that the earth gives off beneficial electrons and we humans don't get them anymore because we are indoors and wear rubber-soled shoes. Go barefoot in grass or sand and you'll feel better.
I saw in one of these forums (yoga?) that Travis' Short and Sweet is on youtube (I think that's the one).
Hello Everyone!

My lower back is so sore today, don't know if it is from the new workouts or what. It feels fine when I am exercising, except that one back exercise where we lay prone on the bench and do rear delts. Anyways, yesterday I was eating my lunch and got some extra crunching, discovered one of my crowns had cracked. I got an appt for first thing this morning but all they did was look at it and tell me I need to make an appt to get it fixed. So I have to wait another week. I hope it does not get painful. And no workout this morning.

Betty dd is doing ok, but it is amazing how her levels can vary. Last week she was going too low, and just when I was going to contact Joslin she started going too high. I keep reading about this artificial pancreas that scientists are working on but it sounds like it will be a few years off.

Jean sorry about dh.

Gotta run to a meeting.
Hi girls. Drinking some kombucha right now. Didn't want dairy probiotics. That's Kefir and yogurt. Didn't want to take pills. Then there are a few made from oats and grains! Don't want that either.

Jean, I totally hear you! You had the outburst that I want to have! We spend countless hours and get nary an appreciation! Last night I said to dh, just once I'd like to hear a word of admiration from you! Truthfully, after that, I too was bitter and resentful. I know exactly how you feel.

Carolyn, what's the scoop with DD's eyes?
I love Travis' voice too!

Mary, hang in there. How is she doing with her intake of food?
Stinks about your crown! Breathe, and one step at a time.

Look at the earthing mat. It could help improve aches, pains, disease, etc.
TGIF! With lots of sunshine!
I took out BS Bis & Tris with Core #1. It felt great! Time to start getting my muscles back on a regular basis! The core workout was refreshingly different. That's how long it has been since I've done it! I think my arms and abs will be super sore tomorrow.
It is indeed an unusual concept to wrap your head around, earthing. My girlfriend does it; her dh has type 2 diabetes and doesn't use it as much as she would like him to. They both sleep better! Are less achy and sore.
You probably get plenty of barefoot in the grass, where I *eek* think it's dirty!:D
I can't believe you were able to spin. Awesome for you!;)
Just want a quick check in since I didn't yesterday. This morning I did Plyo Hiit 1 and Abs 2. Talk about sucking wind. That plyo hit workout was definitely hard and I've heard 2 is even harder so I'm a little bit scared.

Yesterday I did Low Impact Challenge. I picked up an evening shift for a friend who is in Mexico right now. It was the only day she didn't get off from her vacation so of course I couldn't say no. It was a crazy shift to say the least. 15 minutes into my shift one of my patients passed away. It was totally expected but still very sad. His whole family was there which was really nice. I had three other patients, two of which I hadn't assessed yet and from looking at their charts I knew they hadn't had pain medication in a while. Sometimes it's hard to prioritize. Comforting the family of the patient that just passed away or giving pain meds?! It was tough but I made it through.

Little man is playing with some play doh right now. We have a playdate with a friend soon.

Betty It melted my heart too when B said that. I felt so bad that he had told me he was sorry for crying. I don't know where it came from. Sweet boy.
I'll be back during B's nap time, hopefully he gets a nap in, to read and respond to posts. Just want to do a quick check in to say hi. Have a great day everyone!
Carolyn- Chest, Tri, Sh is insane! I'm still sore and I did it on Wed. She works ya! That book sounds great. I should check it out. I need some good hip flexor stretches. Mine are get real tight. Glad the dr didn't see a change in her eyes. Make her pound the water.....seriously I bet it will help. Yay for spinning....LOVE that you're back ;)

Betty- Core 1 is awesome right?! Wait are you talking about the RWH one? What's BS? I'm blanking. I LOVE being barefoot outside. Kombucha...never heard of it but I'll have to check it out. Love new things like that.

Mary- Sorry about your crown. I hate the dentist. I have two cavities to get filled and I'm dreading it. Good luck!

Jean- Oh Travis looks just amazing in that picture. He is a great yoga instructor too :) Sorry about dh. They are so inconsiderate sometimes. I always feel sick when dh and I fight....doesn't happen often thank goodness.

B took a quick nap. Dh just got home so we are off to Kohl's.

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