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Hi Cathe, you often suggest modifications in many of your workouts for various exercises, or even have a cast member performing the modification - sometimes you point it out, other times the castmember is quietly doing it in the background. Please consider having a dedicated cast member in STS 2.0 to demonstrate a modification for those of us with joint issues who want to still be able to use your incredible workouts. They could be in a slightly different outfit, or in the back. To clarify, I don't mean a modification for total beginners, but one to keep the excercise safe for everyone. Thanks!


I'm two weeks after left hand CMC joint surgery. I'll have a cast for at least 6 weeks more before OT. I couldn't do any weight work or yoga poses on my hands even with a brace. I know I'll need modification reminders so I don't over stretch my hyper-mobile joints. I don't have EDS but I didn't realize until 3 years ago that I was hyper-mobile. Love your work Cathe ever since I found you back in 2001 and I'm counting on STS 2.0 to help me start from scratch once I'm medically cleared to workout with weights and bands again. I need you to help me rehab my 68 year old body! LOL!


I think this is a great idea! And, due to medical issues I didn't realize how vital it is for recovery to still feel you are a part of the workout instead of just kinda following along doing your own thing. Of course Cathe can't adjust for everyone's medical issues, but working in conjunction with a physical therapist would be great. I find that many "modifications" you come across are just a beginner move or maybe something geared toward a geriatric patient. I'm getting up there in age too so no offense haha! I have degenerative disc disease and herniated a disc in my neck which I had surgery to repair almost 5 years ago. I was told not do anymore over head lifting, no more squats or deadlifts. I have learned to sub some moves along the way. The biggest obstacle is I was told not to do crunches or anything that strains the neck. I'm getting pretty sick of planks! Some of the plank variations ie shoulder taps put too much strain on my shoulder/neck. Russian twists are hard on the back/spine as well. I'd love some more advanced by safe spine options for core. I'm just super excited with a shorter version of STS in general though!! Can't wait for its release!!!


Agree it's good to have a clear modifier and in a 'class' style video there' no reason not to! I know Cathe usually does, but so many don't. I have an older barre video with an instructor plus 2 and the instructor demos a modification (but not until halfway through the set) while the background exercisers just carry on doing the full move!!


What I would love instead of a "one size fits all" single modifier is an alternative exercise (or exercises). It would be hard if not impossible to have one modifier who would perform an exercise that covers all participants' needs. For example, I've seen a burpee modification where the participant steps back quickly instead of jumping into position. This alternative might not suit everyone (in this case that would be me) as moving into that position at all might not be recommended or the demonstrated pace is too fast to be a good choice. Some "low impact" alternatives can still be tough on those of us with back or knee issues as well. I have seen some instructors offer a main exercise and two "more difficult" and "easier" alternatives. Cathe actually did that somewhat in STS, IIRC, particularly with exercises like pull ups and chin ups that can be difficult for some of us (raising hand here). That kind of set up might work for more folks? Hope this makes sense! :) I will do what I need to do with however the series is presented as there is no one better out there than Cathe IMHO, but it would be awesome to have a person to use as a "guide" for the moves I need to adjust.

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