Strong Mommas -- Mar 26


Roll Call:
Ashley Boy due May 10
Courts3 due Aug?
Cee(dragonf1y) due Sep 2
Heidisue due Sep 6
Marie(mfv3) due Oct 10
Cindy due Oct 14
MissyP ??

So glad when I get to hear from each of you! I have my 2nd trimester ultrasound scheduled for Thursday. I worked out only twice last week, but will do better and make it at least three times this week!
I am not sleeping well at night and need to work on not napping during the day, I know that is the perfect time to work out anyway.
I am doing better each week.


Well my appetite has come back tenfold. I can't stop eating today. Keeping it healthy though with fruit and cereal. Still not tolerating meat or many veggies. I did have some cole slaw today and counted that as a veggie.

Working out has been going good, although not working out as the intensity I have previously. Sat was Butts and that one. Hello DOMS! Today was Rebecca Small's Step 2 Success. If anyone likes complex step choreography she rocks!

Goal for this week- Workout 3 days and increase protein in my diet. As mentioned I'm not tolerating meat so going to focus on protein shakes and nuts.

Cee- I can't wait for that 2nd tri ultrasound. Enjoy and keep us posted :) Working out twice is better than none. Don't push yourself if you're feeling tired! Rest is good for the baby and for mama!

Talk to ya all soon-


Went for a walk on Saturday and then again today. What a difference two days makes! This baby is throwing me off balance on some uphills and really sitting on my bladder all of a sudden.
Yoga this morning was also a new experience as I now have something in the way of bending. I am really happy with Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga program because it is really helping with the pelvis openers and reminding me to do my kegel exercises.

Marie - I have been enjoying low-fat cheese sticks for a kick of protein. I also like bran muffins with non-fat yogurt in place of the buttermilk in the recipe. I am with you on meats and veggies being uninteresting at best.


Well I was feeling a lot better but threw up this morning! What is up with that?? At least its not an everyday occurence!

I have been walking a lot (keeping up with my 2 1/2 yr old- she runs the whole time) and did Cathe's spin workout. Loved it. Didn't push it too much just cause I haven't done anything the first trimester. Feels so good to be exersizing again. One thing I noticed is I probably need to drink more water. My belly gets tight after I exercise so I am hoping that will help.

Marie- protein doesn't sound good to me at all either. Great idea with the cheese sticks and nuts. Do you like shrimp? Thats a great source and doesn't seem like "meat" to me. Awesome job with doing Butts and Guts. That's a tough one even when you're not pregnant! It's motivating to me when I see you and other prego's doing hard workouts.

Cee- how did your appointment go? do you know if its a girl or boy? Its funny when you mentioned your bladder and walking. I tempted a walk the other day and had to cut it short when I needed to go potty!! I was running the last block! LOL! It was not pretty! What us pregnant women go through. I've looked at buying Sheva Rea's prenatal yoga. Is it challenging? I love yoga.


This week at work has been really busy, I'm thankful for no meetings today! The exhaustion seems to be gone and I feel normal! I cleaned the garage on Monday and yesterday I got in 30 min of Afterburn. I was so worried it was going to kill me but it wasn't as bad as I expected. I'm waiting for my legs and bum to feel some DOMS now. I plan to do the other half of Afterburn tonight and I have a busy week with housework to prepare for this weekend. We have 3 birthday parties and my aunt and uncle are stopping by for a visit & dinner on Sunday.

I've been having odd cravings and mostly based around protein (meat & milk). Not terrible I guess and I did find a yummy tater tot casserole that doesn't require condensed soup. I can't eat gluten and my husband can't have dairy so instead I used cream corn and it was tasty.

Heidi - It does feel good to get moving again! Sorry about getting sick this morning, I hope it goes away soon.

Cee - Let us know how the appointment goes. Babies on bladders make mama miserable!

Marie - Can you tolerate cheese or cottage cheese? That, nuts, and yogurt are working well for me right now.



Yay! Got another two mile walk in today and about 4 loads of laundry. I wish I could calculate calories for laundry as easily as for exercise. :D

Cindy - We definitely need to trade some recipes, my son has 13 food allergies and I would love to see what substitutes you use to stay gluten and dairy free. Cannot do tater tots cause they use onion powder (I think).

Heidi - Sounds like you are able to get in a much more intense workouts than I am. I bought a new 30 oz water bottle and am trying to drain it at least three times a day, so far I have been keeping up. Good luck with your busy week! I am a bit jealous of a 2-1/2 year old that actually walks. Mine is side tracked by leaves, rocks, pinecones, manhole covers, stop signs, fire hydrants, flags, birds, flowers...

So excited to check that baby is healthy tomorrow!


DOMS hit me hard! I was waddling around like an old lady yesterday and my butt and legs are still sore today. My goal is to get my house cleaned tonight and possibly get some yoga in if I have time. We have a busy weekend with two birthday parties to attend on Saturday then one on Sunday and then my aunt and uncle will be over for a visit Sunday afternoon/evening. I have a lot to stay on top with so no slacking for me!

Cee - How was the appointment? What are all the allergies he has? It's so hard. I actually have a blog with my favorite recipes on it, here's the link if you're interested. Gluten Free in Montana

How's everyone else doing?



Ultrasound appointment went great. No visible health problems at this point. We chose not to discover the gender of this baby. You can see the attached pic! It looks like an ultrasound pic.

Cindy - my son is allergic to: barley, beef, coconut, eggs, garlic, grapes, oats, onions, milk, green peas, peanuts, pineapple, and wheat. Thanks for the blog, I will be sure to check it out!


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