Still no email confirmation....


Anyone still not receive an email confirmation? I have gotten nothing and can't seem to figure out what's going on. I placed a ticket into the help desk too....this is frustrating!!
I haven't gotten my email confirmation either. After I placed my order it said payment successful. If you dont mind how did you place a ticket to the help desk? I know I am frustrated also
I went to "contact us" on the home page, I believe it's at the bottom. I just filled out a ticket, but I haven't heard back.
The help desk just replied to my ticket. I'm in. They said the e-mail might have went to my spam folder so you might want to check there.
Just got an email from support, I am in. WooHoo!! I hope everyone who didn't get an email hears back soon...if not, I recommend contacting the help desk.
I registered and had to run out to an appointment but I haven't received a confirmation email either. I just put in a ticket to the help desk. Gale
I got an email from Nancy I got in! But forgot to ask for my confirmation number, so I sent another email & she got back to me right away. Good luck to everyone I hope you hear back soon!!
Thanks for the e-mail address for Support! I also did not receive a confirmation e-mail, but it said my payment was made successfully. Stinks having to wait until Monday to find out if I'm in or not :(
My sister registered me and she got the same message that my payment was successfully made, but I got no e-mail confirmation. I was at work all day and was freaking out. I thought that my sister missed a step,even though I was on the phone with her.I won't celebrate just yet until I get that e-mail confirmation

They really shouldn't wait until Monday to tell us if we're in or not. Why such the long wait? Can't they have somebody around today to clear this up? Only around 100 people registered for the event.

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