Step Sync Blows My Mind

Hi Everyone!!

Just did Step Sync!

It blew my mind!!!!

I thought, I got this!!! Wrong!!!!! It is really challenging!!!!

Watch out fir footwork!

I suggest to anyone, don't wear yoga pants when doing this! You might trip!!! I didn't, but I could see it could happen! Wear shorts, or anything above the knee! You probably won't trip. Be careful with this workout!!! Take it easy!!!

This workout is going to take me more time then any other Cathe Step Workout because it is so different. It may look easy, but this is hard!!!

I have been doing Cathe Step for 2 years and this is hard!!

Thanks Cathe For This Challengingly Step Workout!!!!

Jen Den


Cathe's Step is always the best, started with Step Max and that was it had to get every one made since !!! Been stepping with Cathe, as many Cathletes have for well over 25 years :) What an inspiration, best workout buddy, and role model she is !!!
I think in general, the step choreography I found most challenging was in 4 Day Split. It took me forever to get that hitch kick combo! And that part where she says "I know you have your back to me..." always cheers me up, because I know she understands it can be tricky!

I love step workouts because they work my mind and my body...for me, they have the highest fun factor of any type of exercise (followed pretty closely by kickbox).


I love step!!! I really enjoyed the familiar moves with new variations. I was able to pick up the choreography pretty quickly. For me, the workout was more an intermediate level. Intensity can be increased by raising step height or jumping/lifting on many of the moves. Perfect for lighter days and lots of fun! So glad she continues to make step videos!!! Thanks Cathe!!!



I'm with you in all counts. And like you I found the 4 Day Split step workouts the most challenging to learn.

I'm so grateful Cathe keeps doing step workouts. Yesterday I did her Live all step from the 2014? Glassboro road trip. Loved it! Cathe and the class' energy was palatable.

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