Step Moves - I finally got it !

aqua girl

Whew, it has taken me about 2 wks to master these 3 combos......# 1 was the easiest, then came 2 which took a little longer...but finally...then on to # 3 and OMG,
I have been fooling with that one for over a week. Thanks to jodijodi for suggesting in another thread to substitute lunges for the triple run over the top which I just
couldn't get in sync with but 2 lunges and straddle down works! Then the shuffles and complete turn, step pivot, walk, walk, oh my, but FINALLY it clicked! My
last obstacle was the over the top backwards with 2 triples around...I was always ending up on the wrong end....but I watched and watched and watched again
and finally, it came to me and made sense.....I feel very accomplished....:) I just hope I don't forget everything....but as many times as I have watched and
practiced, I probably can do it in my sleep :):)


Congrats aqua girl, you should feel very accomplished !
I had trouble with the triple run at first too and finally got it.
I may just try the two lunges and straddle down move sometime it sounds fun !

aqua girl

Yea, either my feet go too fast, or not fast enough for that triple run on the step
But the go up lunge,lunge then straddle down works!
In combo 2, the straddle run on floor & crossover, then cha cha, I can do, but that
Triple run on top, not so much :)


Yay! So glad I could help! I've been doing that one since it came out in 2009? 2010? and I STILL can't get the triple run on the step! Glad my lunge "trick" worked for you! Congrats!!

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