starting 1RM's before recieving dvd's


I just ordered my dvd's today

I read that it can take over a week to complete the 1RM's

can I start them now somehow?

do I need something from my package in order to start? i read about a workout manager. is that all included in my dvd package

a bit confused. if someone can guide me a bit



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You can go to 1RM on the Workout Manager and you should be able to print out the exercises. And you can go to CatheTV from what I have heard to see how to do some of the exercises if you aren't sure how to do certain ones. Hope this helps. I would try to split them up if you can, it does take a while.


Actually, you can now watch the video of each exercise from within Workout Manager and log your number directly there too without having to print them out!

Me, I printed the list and just did 1RM tests on all exercises that were 3 stars and up, but I logged everything directly into WM. I would review the video first before attempting the exercise.



And to further help answer your question, the Workout Manager is right here on the site. Look at the top menu and you'll see it there. Once you enter into that, you will see a button for 1RM and you can go from there. Good luck!


Oh yes! Start those 1RM's now before you get your dvd's. It does take a while. It took me 4 days to comlete it and that was a couple hours every day. The workout manager is a great tool to use. You can watch how all the exercises are done, and you can "plug" in your results and it automatically calculates your 1RM. FANTASTIC! Good luck.

aka Renee

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