Stainless steel kitchen sink vs the Corian type?


I'm thrilled that I'm getting new kitchen countertops :7 but I don't know what type of sink to get. I'm going to get dark-grey/black Corian (or similar) countertops, and I like the look of the formed white sink, where it's all one piece, but I'm afraid that the sink will get stained. All the sinks I see are white, and I just don't know how that's going to hold up over the years.

Or should I play it safe and get stainless steel? Help, anyone :)


Hi! My parents have the white sink and have been in the house for 10 years and it still looks new. I would get it if I were you. I hate stainless steel. If you are getting the dark grey or black countertops the white sink will look great with it!! Hope that helps.




I have a corian sink and I love it. It is about 8 years old, and still looks new. Go for the corian, you won't be sorry.



I have Corian countertops with the fitted white sink and I don't like it. I miss the stainless steel sink I had at my last place. It helps to bleach the sink once in a while (I fill it with water, pour in some bleach and let it sit for 20 minutes) but there are also scratches on it that won't come out. We plan to remodel in the next year or so and get new countertops and I plan to change the sink out. It is nice not to have a grooved edge I have to clean with a toothbrush, though.

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I used to have a SS sink and really liked it, but it did have scratches. Last sink I had was white corian and it did stain, I'd have to sand to to get it to look new. Right now I have a completely different sink - it's huge, easy to clean and I love it:


Thanks everybody! :7 I really wanted the white sink, and now I'm gonna get it! As long as I can keep it white, I'm happy! I'll have to do before-and-after pictures. I just redecorated my bathroom, and white I had taken pictures before. It looks a million% better now.


We've always had white Corian sinks, and I really like them. I use Soft Scrub with bleach once a week to clean it, and it really takes out any stains (and we have a LOT of coffee, blueberry, etc. stains every week).

Also, a sales rep for our last home recommended a product called Gel Gloss (which you can get at Home Depot) that will smooth out any small scratches or dark marks from pans scraping against the white. I've been using it for years, and it really works!

Hope this helps!


Hi govtgirl. I went from a stainless steel sink to a Corian white molded sink when we remolded our kitchen 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier.

The white Corian sink is much easier to take care of than the stainless, IMO. It does get stained on occasion, but Soft Scrub and a bristle brush brings it right back to sparkling every time!

I also love the seamless look! Go for it, you won't be disappointed!


The seamless is very nice...I love being able to sweep crumbs and stuff into the sink. And not having that grimy edge around the outside is great too.


I have a Corian sink. I just fill it with hot water and add some bleach. I seldom bother with Soft Scrub since the bleach takes care of it. I figure I probably have the most sanitary sink on the block.


My DH is a plumbing contractor and we vote stainless steel. Nothing beats it. I can't even tell you how many sinks I've gone thru in my house the last 6 years. Just get a high enough gauge and it will keep its luster for a very long time. Good luck!


I have a white corian sink. I use , now do not laugh. Toilet bowl cleaner on it. Maker it sparkling white again in a few min.
Not a problem with it..
I like the seamlessness..
My counters are the country blue and paid alot for them so they are staying..



I had a corian sink 2 houses ago and I really miss it. I LOVED the seamless feature and I love how easy it was to keep clean. I have stainless now. I hate it. You have to "polish" it to get it to look clean. Otherwise, there's always water stains. Plus, it has the lip that constantly needs cleaning.

I really liked Corian also. I have granite now and it's fine, but I don't really understand all the popularity. I thought the corian was fine and much more affordable.

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