Squat Rack for STS

>Here's the squat rack that I've been wanting for a long time
>I like it because it's a bench too, has leg extension and
>preacher curl!!
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I like this one too! The price isn't bad at all! I wonder if WM ships to APO? I need to give them a call!

Thanks for the info!
Hey Guys,

Where is everyone buying the barbells? I have really annoying metal weights that are a pain to set up-if not impossible. I usually wind up using dumbells-I have them up to 60 pounds, but would like to get a really good set of weights and barbell for lower body work.
Unless I really need it, no squat rack or really heavy squats for me either. Between the 50 yr old back and sports knees (that I am proud have not been touched by a surgeon yet), I won't be doing the really heavy weights either.

I do like the idea of a weighted vest though:p

Could use it on the TM for a little extra "sweat power". :7

Thanks for the ideas ladies !
Does anyone know if you can use these squat racks with the 5ft long Troy Lite barbell? Or if there is a specific squat rack made for the Troy Lite barbell and weights? I would prefer not to have to buy another barbell and weight set,as I just recently bought more Troy Lite plates.Thanks
Barb, I am not sure. I have two barbells- the troy lite and a heavier one that came from Dick's Sporting Goods. According to Kathy G's post above she bought an olympic size barbell because she felt cramped with her other BB. I am not sure what type she was using initially. The one that I got from Dick's is 72" long and I am hoping should work. Maybe Kathy will chime back in and answer.

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I tried my standard barbell (6' long) with the bench set to "standard" size and it felt cramped in there. I had DH re-set it to "olympic" size and bought a 7' olympic barbell set. I just measured my bar and it's about 84" long. You can usually buy a whole set (with bar/weight plates up to 300 lbs.) at Dick's or Sports Authority for about $100-120. It's a great investment because you have plenty of room to grow with the set.

You can also try it set to standard, with a standard 6' bar and see what you think...it may just be me. I'm used to using a smith machine or wide squat rack in a gym so it felt more comfortable for me with more room.

HTH, let me know if you have any more questions. Oh, and I found a really nice leather bar pad at Sports Authority for $20 (you can see it in the pic). That makes all the difference in comfort when you're lifting heavier weights.

Kathy G
Thanks for your replies ,catherine and kathy g. Kathy, your set up looks very good.I probably will buy be on the lookout for a sale on the olympic size weight set and take it from there.I can just hear my DH already -"what? another weight set? He uses one and has his set to 200 lbs-I don't think I will be using that amount of weight anytime too soon! Thanks again for your help
This looks great. I wonder if I can talk DH into letting me replace his standard weight bench with this thing. I love that you can move the bench out of the way. Ours sticks right out in the middle of our workout room and is so ugly (and old) lol.
>As much as I'd love a home gym, I'm a little short on space.
>So, I am thinking about ordering these squat stands. They'll
>be much easier than the full rack to move out of the way as

I would definitely get these instead of a space-hog squat rack (I've also seen some at www.power-systems.com ). But I might just use my Soloflex Rockit for a while (and if I can spare the space, get the two-part squat stands at a later date...but since the STS DVD's probably won't be ready until...April?...I'll have time to think about it...and clean up space!)

I had the same thought, so I did a little test last night. It looks like the stands weigh about 25# each, so I put my 25# and 30# DBs on the floor in my workout room to see how easy it is for them to slide across my hardwood floor. Too easy.... now I'm nervous about buying the stands. I'll keep thinking about it, but I'll also start taking measurements for the Gold's home gym at Wal Mart. It looks like I can store my plates on the back of the squat rack's cage and my bar on the rack itself, so that would eliminate my barbell stand. If I get rid of the Transfirmer (which I used all of 3 times) I can store my high step, risers, and club step in the closet to free up some more room. Then just move things around a bit and..... I think I might have just self-enabled....... :eek: :)

I just bought the squat rack from Valor Athletics. It was very easy to assemble - just a couple of bolts.

It is relative light weight so easy to move and store. The racks are recommended for use with weight up to 250#. (Hopefully Cathe isn't so wicked }( that 250# capacity wouldn't be enough:eek: )

I had been searching for free-standing racks for quite sometime and was put off by the huge shipping fees. Valor Athletics rack has shipping included.

I actually had the rack personally delivered by the company's VP. I didn't realize it when I ordered, but Valor is only about an hour from me and the VP (Jeff Young) lives about 1/2 from my home. What customer service!

hope this helps,

Debbie Russo
beavs, i have a sansa and i love it. i have had it for a few years. DBF has gone through TWO ipods in that same time.
I am SO glad I revisited this thread and read these comments about those squat stands, because I'd been considering them and now I don't think I will. For me, I'm thinking a weighted vest will probably end up being the best alternative solution (lack of space, wonky knees limiting how heavy I could ever realistically go). But that Gold's rack at Walmart looks soooooooooo enticing! :)

Mona, I'm gonna follow your lead and take some measurements too!!!! :)

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