Squat Rack for STS


I JUST ORDERED MY SQUAT RACK! I was considering one anyway.

I purchased Best Fitness BFPR10 from Amazon for $109. Shipping was free for signing up for Amazon Prime which you can cancel within 30 days before being charged..
I'm going to sashay over to my gym and use the squat rack and watch Cathe on my fancy schmancy iPOD or sansadisk that I plan to by (leaning heavily toward the sansa)
I would love to buy a squat rack (like the one mentioned), but then I would also have to buy a new barbell, since I have the Troy Lite bar, which I'm certain is not long enough to fit on most squat racks. All of a sudden it's getting too expensive!!
I know I know!:eek: Looks like leg day will be at my local gym too(no, I am not a member) in order to really get these thighs of mine lean and mean!;) You just cannot really get those muscles the way you want them without the challenge of some real weight-at least that has been my experience. And yes, I have done Leg Blast on B&G!

}( }( Ouch. But using heavier weights once in awhile will be a good thing--I think? I just do not have the room in my home gym for a squat rack, I would if my DH would let me move out the equipment that never gets used in there!x(
I think I will by pass the squat rack and just use a weight I can lift over my head, or switch to dumbbells... I will not purchase another piece of equipment, ( no room ) and besides, with previous back issues, I don;t want to go so heavy with weights on my shoulders..

I have no room for a squat rack and don't really want one, TBH. I have no interest in using the one at my gym either. I just don't have any interst in lifting THAT heavy for lower body.

I will use the no squat rack work out option and if I want to increase my load beyond what I can safely lift over my head then I will purchase a wieghted vest instead. :)

Have fun with your rack though!}(
I like the looks of that too and not a bad price for all that it does. I have been looking for a bench anyway. I wonder if my local Wal Mart carries those. I will have to go look this weekend.

Thanks for the info
Susan N
I like that one Catherine and it's a good price, I think. I've never really priced them. I am up in the air about what I am gonna do right now. Couldn't DH just spot me when I do this w/out? Maybe I could even get him to do the w/outs with me. I told him yesterday to forget what I said I wanted for my b-day on the 26th of this month. I want the presale instead! I think. I'm a bit wishy washy on this one.
I won't need a squat rack because my knees can't handle that much weight.:-( Oh well, my legs tend to bulk up anyway so maybe it's a good thing.
>I will use the no squat rack work out option and if I want to
>increase my load beyond what I can safely lift over my head
>then I will purchase a wieghted vest instead. :)

Weighted vest, great idea! I just don't have any room for a squat rack and I really need to spend more time outside!
Awesome idea! Had never thought of that before. Hum, those would work, I prefer the Smith machine to, its more stable. Oh dear, what to do, what to do?:)
I too have back issues x( and have been told by my dr to forego putting the barbell on my shoulders. I use dumbbells and hold them at my sides. I will be happy with the version that does not use the squat rack.
I have that Gold's Gym (with a separate squat rack) that Catherine posted and LOVE it! It's a really nice bench, too...I've been using it a lot since I started a BFL challenge. Since the bench is separate from the rack, you can turn it sideways to take up less room while not in use. I think most Walmarts carry it. Here's a link to it in my basement gym:


But you'll have to get an olympic size barbell and weights to use it comfortably. I got a whole 300 lb. set (barbell, weights, clips) from Dick's Sporting goods for about $110 on sale.

Oh, it took my DH and son a couple of hours to assemble it for me. But get someone to go with you to bring it home, that baby was HEAVY! :)

Kathy G
Kathy, it says on the website that it accomodates standard, medium or olympic size wts. So did you need an olympic bar because of the lenght?? My bar is 6 foot long not the 5 foot one that Cathe uses. I really want to get this. Also is it easy to move? Like if I wanted to store it in one place and move it to another room to workout? Thanks for the input!!!

[font color= purple size=+3]Catherine[/font]


I had DH put it together as "standard" (they give you two lengths of middle bar in between the stands) and I felt "squished" and uncomfortable in there. He took it apart and added the olympic size middle bar and it was much more comfortable.

The bench is easy to move around, I do it all the time. I've never tried moving the squat rack because I keep it loaded with four heavy plates on the weight poles (see my pic). I'll try unloading it and moving it around and let you know, okay.

The bench itself is very stable. I can do tricep dips off it and it doesn't move. The leg extension is very smooth but I have trouble using it for leg curls. I had ACL reconstruction though, and ANY hamstring curl is uncomfortable (so take that with a grain of salt).

HTH, let me know if you have any other questions.


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