Spri Stability Ball - how to inflate????


My last ball was sub-par, so checked this forum for what Cathe uses, and it was the Spri ball. Bought it and was happy to get it...until I started trying to inflate it. I have an electric pump that has always inflated my other balls, but the hole in this ball is too small to take either tip!!! What the heck????? How do y'all inflate this thing?
Ugh, how frustrating :oops:

You might want to check Amazon for nozzles--tips? to attach to whatever implement you're using to inflate. The air pump I bought from them, it's a high volume manual one, came with multiple sized tips. However, I'm sure they are sold separately.

I recently bought new plugs and a remover tool for my stability balls on Amazon as I'd stupidly misplaced all of mine. I was surprised at the number offered.

I hope you find a compatible nozzle.

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