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Ok, so I just wanted to post here in the Nutrition forum since my last thread kind of veered off on that topic.

For those who don't know...I have a REALLY LONG WAY TO GO regarding my nutrition. I want to lose about 35-45 lbs which is a significant amount but not too much...but I have a lot of nutritional changes I want to make.

Tonight I was thinking about people who have a REALLY LONG WAY TO GO to get to their goal size/weight, ie: people who have 100+ lbs to lose. I have been reading some of their stories lately. IT TAKES WORK! ... I have also noticed that these women and men succeeded my making small changes. Some of the awesome posters here like Jenniferlove, Jengolf, Nanbo and others (sorry those who I forgot) suggested to me to make small changes, which I think is great.

The analogy that I have is that small changes in terms of great nutrition is just like small changes in terms of great weight loss. These people usually lost the weight over months - so I know my nutrition changes will take place over many months. Every two weeks I have decided to adopt a new goal/habit. I'm excited :) I encourage all of you to get excited with me! Let's KICK BOOTAY!

My mind starts racing w/ all the nutritional changes I want to make - but I know myself, and know i need to start small and easy. That is how I started working out w/ Cathe - in January, I did 1x a week. February, 2x a week. Now in March I am doing a minimum of 3x a week (even though I am following the beginner rotation - if I slack, I tell myself it's OK because I am at least meeting my BASELINE goal of 3x workouts a week).

I am starting that w/ my nutrition too. My first 2-week goal is to take a multi and a fish oil each day. (that idea came from Precision Nutrition). I know, w/ 100% certainty, that I can do that for 14 days. IT IS SO EASY. (so is doing at least 1 30 minute workout a week). I know, for myself, I need to build an INCREDIBLY strong foundation otherwise I will falter. I'm starting my nutrition goals just like my workout goals - so easy, even a caveman could do it! (haha, bad joke, sorry).

Anyway - I just was feeling very pumped up and motivated so I wanted to share my motivation with you girls!!

PS: One thing that is tough is I get excited easily and want to do a million things at once...and then I get worn out and fail, so that is a big challenge for me to not get ahead of myself in terms of nutritional changes. In a year, I can have made 24 changes, if I just stick to going w/ a new one every 2 weeks.

PSS: I have found that I love spinach. This is great news for me because spinach goes in pretty much everything...and I used to think I only liked nutrient-poor iceber lettuce. I want to try to convert this into a 2-week habit, so for example, after I complete 2 weeks of taking a fish oil/multi every day, I might say "eat spinach in at least 1 meal a day for the next 2 weeks.

How do you guys keep yourselves motivated/make nutritional changes in your life? I am really open to tips and advice :)


You should join us over on the fat loss check in. My nutrition motivation is the knowledge that THIS IS THE ONLY BODY I WILL EVER BE ISSUED. I need to make sure it functions well and keeps me as comfortable as possible while I age (G-d willing). I wish I'd realized this when I was in my 20s, but better late... seriously, join our check in, we'd love to have you.


Hi Candiceena,

One piece of advice that is being put out there by more and more nutritionists & doctors, and which I agree with completely, is "add, don't subtract". What that means is, rather than focusing on what you can't have and feeling deprived, focus on adding good things into your diet. If you need a snack, reach for cut vegetables and a handful of almonds. Eat a meal of nutritious, real, whole food instead of having a protein powder shake. Have an orange cut into slices for dessert. Have an enormous green salad whenever you want!

This mindset is helping me enormously. If I fill myself up with good things first, I don't have cravings for the less nutritious stuff!



Hey Candiceena!

What is in your diet now? I have found that my body works the best for weight loss with mostly veggies and lean protein. Snacks for me are nuts or sometimes fruit. I have been gluten free for about 9 months, but I do eat beans, lentils, rice, potatoes, and love love love quinoa. My guilty pleasures are avocados or popcorn cooked in coconut oil.

I was raised in an Italian home where food was used to feel better, all day, any day, so I have had to completely change my outlook on food. Good luck in your journey!




Pretty much everything is in my diet, unfortunately. I don't really know how to cool but have been attempting some basic dishes lately. Usually 1x a day is Splenda in coffee, and 1-2 soda cans a day (this varies...sometimes I'll go weeks without soda in the house... But I always end up ordering one at restaurants).

I know I eat a lot of carbs... Mostly the bad kind. I'm trying to work my way to a 85 or 90% primal diet. I also love milk. I drink it daily, at least 10 oz a day. I would like to do an elimination diet but being realistic, IDK if I could stick to it.

One good thing is I seem to have kicked my full-calorie energy drink habit. I also do not drink any alcohol.


Do you drink regular or diet soda? My advice, if you are trying to lose weight, is to give up the white stuff. Milk is ok if skim and your body tolerates it. I used to love milk, but now use almond milk and occasionally soy.

The real killer to your body is sugar. Processed foods and artificial sweeteners make you crave more, so you may want to start cutting back. I used to LOVE Cheez-it's, but I would eat half a box in a sitting when PMSing. I just don't buy those trigger foods anymore - I can't.

If you want some easy, healthy recipes when you are ready, private message me. If your fridge is stocked with good foods, it really is not complicated or time consuming to cook healthy.

It is great to read your uplifting words for motivation. I am aiming for looking good in a bathing suit in 2 months. Yeah!



"once on the lips = forever on the hips" - I have never forgotten that quote.

Remembering the reasons for your goals is always helpful; stick post-it notes on the fridge, bathroom mirror, on the alarm clock, in your wallet - where ever you want. Staying well-rested and hydrated (learn to love ice water), really will help you stay strong. Definitely think of your body as your temple; you only have one for the rest of your life so take care of it.

You are doing all the right things! I'm excited with you!


thanks for the positive words and encouragement girls!

Jennifer, you are so right about that phrase! It popped into my head earlier this weekend and I've been replaying it over and over again!

Lisa, I am going to PM you. Especially after what just happened to me today...I am realizing I really *MUST* start eating healthy, wholesome foods...

I woke up yesterday and suddenly one of my wisdom teeth had come in! Just appeared overnight! OMG, it HURTS! So I'm sitting here unable to eat much because it hurts to swallow but I'm hungry plus I ran out of ibuprofen, so I struggle on into Safeway to get some medicine and maybe something "easy" to chew...what do I buy? Those damn 89 cent pot pies..omg. I slipped backwards a year when I bought those, I mean, my diet isn't great now but I generally try to avoid any food item that is under $1 haha. Let me tell you, I'm sick now. Literally nauseus. I mean, I can feel my body trying to detox whatever I just put in it, it wants it OUT.

I'm actually glad I bought them because seeing how they have made me sick after not eating that kind of food for so long, I realize how bad they really are for you!

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