So you've been hit in the head


Do you workout the next day? I sort of fell into the door jam on my car, my foot slipped on this little plastic bag, and well, I'm black and blue. I took two ibuprofen and some fish oil. I have a frozen Hello Kitty ice pack. But, now, I'm considering, what do I do tomorrow? I definitely don't have a concussion. Just curious, I'm not even going to the doctor or anything, I'm sure I'm fine.

tia for any ideas.


Ouch!! Sorry that happened! Hopefully you feel better after a good night's sleep! Maybe an active stretching session would feel good?


I would definitely take the next day off--rest and let your body begin to heal. Missing one day of working out is not going to make any difference in your fitness level or your life. If you hit your head really hard I would definitely get it checked out by a MD. I know you say you do not have a concussion but there are others things to be careful about.


Ditto Phyllis - when I've taken a bad fall (say from a horse), I'll skip the regular workout for a day or two and stick with things that make me feel better and help my body loosen up: walking, light flexibility/mobility work, massage, hot bath. And though I'm terrible about getting checked by a doc for this sort of thing, it's probably wiser to go.


Well, as long as you're not nauseous or dizzy, it would be okay, but definitely see how you feel first! You might just not feel up to it or be a bit sore, in which case, I would definitely take it easy for one day!


I would say it depends on how you feel the next day. I took a spill down my stairs this winter, hit my back and head :confused: and felt fine enough to work out the next day, but I wouldn't have forced myself to do so had I not felt well enough.


When my children have hit their heads - even after getting them checked for concussion - the doctor's standard advice is no activity for a week that could lead to you falling again and hitting your head. You don't want to have repeated blows to the head in a short period of time, even if you think the first one wasn't a concussion.

I would exercise but keep my feet on the floor! No gymnastics. :)


A few years ago I was loading a bunch of pre-made frozen meals into my side-by-side fridge/freezer and turned around while still bent over and SMACKED my forehead into the corner of my counter. No concussion, no dizziness, just a cut and a headache. The next day I did cardio fusion and thought I was going to pass out from my head and neck hurting so bad. It took me several days to feel better, and I think it would have gone much quicker if I hadn't tried to work out the next day. Better safe than sorry! You can always workout harder later :)

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