So glad Cathe doesn’t use kettlebells!

I was at the gym again, doing Cathe’s ICE Metabolic workout and I saw a woman using a kettlebell. Her legs were a part, but the way she was like throwing it up and down. Well not really throwing it, but it looked like you could hurt yourself. That is why I love that Cathe doesn’t use them. They don’t look safe because you can’t control it as much as a dumbbell.
Jennifer Denny


LOL! I was just thinking that I wish she would do a KB workout. Done correctly your worries are unnecessary and you know anything Cathe does is done correctly.

I’m not saying that KBs are better than traditional weight training. Just another fitness tool in the toolbox. I’d love to see Cathe’s take on them.

Lady Vol Fan

LOVE kettlebells!!

Without proper form and good instructions, you can injure yourself with ANY fitness tool or exercise genre.

I'm sure I'd be interested in Cathe's take on them but I'm also perfectly fine using others for my kettlebell fun.

Cathe has PLENTY to keep me busy in what she teaches :cool:


I have enough equipment from Cathe's workouts that makes it very challenging. Besides, most KB moves can be done with a regular free weight. So, actually, I'm glad she doesn't have any KB workouts - she's perfect right where she is.


Totally agree with "you can hurt yourself with any or even no weight" last year was a nightmare that way. Sh*t just happens sometimes. The kettlebell is a great tool, versatile & effective. If Cathe had a KB workout I'd buy that, and definitely if she combined it with boxing/KBX. Oh yeah.

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