So frustrated


How can my weight keep changing up to four pounds? Last week I was down and I just weighed myself and I'm up four pds. Very depressing when your tryn to lose how do you know what you really weigh?


Do you weigh at the same time when you weigh yourself? It should be done first thing in the morning (after doing your 'business') to get a more accurate reading.

Before menopause, I could often hold on to an extra 5 pounds of pre-menstrual water weight, which may be part of what you are experiencing.

Also, after you do an intense weight workout, your body may hold on to more fluids temporarily.


If you have been eating right and exercising then perhaps you are retaining water. If that's the case then try and drink more water.

Watch out for the sodium content in food which can cause bloating and try and weigh yourself at a consistant time (maybe first thing in the morning).

I know it's frustrating when the scale doesn't show all of your hard work but hang in there!


Mine fluctuates between a 3 lb range during the month, weighing myself first thing in the morning. And by a few pounds during the day. It's normal.


I think it's normal to fluctuate up to five pounds (currently I range from 146 to 151). And make sure you weigh yourself in the morning, before eating or drinking, and after going to the bathroom. That scale is kind of touchy. :)


Oh how I feel your pain! Same thing for me this morning. I know it is "normal" and happens to pretty much everyone but it is so frustrating to see that! Just don't let it get you down (so much easier to say!), don't give up; use that nasty number to refocus in on your goals.


Is it the scale itself? I had one that varied by 4-5 lbs depending on absolutely nothing. It drove me crazy, I could never trust it. I finally got smart and weighed myself several times in an hour and got a variety of readings. I gave it to goodwill and bought a digital scale that's reliable. I don't always like the number but it doesn't wander all over.


Thanks everyone. I weighed this morning right after doing jackie warners weight workout and I think My cycle might start to but its been so unpredictable these days. I just think 3yrs ago I was 124lb and now I have been fluctuating between 133and 137 the most ive ever weighed! Yikes!!!! I am only 5 2 1/2. I felt great at 124, hell Id be happy at 128 at this point! I wont give up, just gotta find what will work for me and my changing body, turned 41 this year and it's getn harder to maintain. Thanks again!


Lately the numbers have been doing nothing but pissing me off :mad: so I gave up on them for now.

I judge my progress by how I look in the mirror and how my clothes fit and I must say...the result is the exact OPPOSITE of what happens when I jump on the scale, use my omron handheld or pull out the measuring tape!

I don't get it but I'll take it! :)

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