Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis


Looking for any recommendations for brand of sneakers anyone has liked that has had plantar fasciitis. I've been going to physical therapy to do exercises & get foot taped. He suggested shoes with better arch support since I have flat feet while we are waiting for the inserts to arrive for the sneakers I already have. I would still like them to be cute/stylish, but find that most are not. I know "function over form" is what my husband says, but still want to like what I'm spending so much money on.


I've had a touch of plantar fasciitis in the past and found that a basic insert call Profoot works best for me. In fact, even though I no longer have the fasciitis, I found the inserts make a lot of my shoes fit so much better--they don't slosh around in them anymore. That being said I recently purchased some archfit flip flops from Skechers, just to walk around the house in and I love them. I will be trying more of their archfit products as money allows. Skechers has so many choices but you will see on their website that you can easily narrow your search. Hope you find some shoes you like!


BlakKat, sorry to hear of your bout w/PF... it's a PITF. I had 2 episodes in the past & saw all kinds of specialists .... the thing that worked the best for me was this "boot" I wore while sleeping - my primary care provider prescribed it, but even w/insurance it was expensive... so I purchased a knock-off on Amazon.... best thing I ever did for PF. I've not had a flare-up since...but shoe support is critical to keep it at bay. I don't have a recommendation on shoes since everyone's foot is so different. But I definitely recommend the boot! Good luck! :)


Thank you @snowlover & @Debinmi! I just ordered Archies flipflops & love them. My PT did suggest the Skecher ones but it was after I ordered the Archies. I'll look into the Skechers too. I also saw the boot thing on Amazon-I was wondering how comfortable it would be while trying to sleep. I'll give it a try, thanks again both of you!!!
Hey, I've experienced plantar fasciitis before, due to work that involves a lot of time on my feet and a failure to follow through with at-home remedies once symptoms appeared. To make matters worse, wearing flat running shoes all day exacerbated plantar fasciitis heel discomfort. I consulted a physiotherapist nearby, who prescribed a few activities, including stretching, high-load strength training, and rest. He requested that I wear shoes with arch support inserts, so I bought and began wearing Skechers, which I genuinely adore now!


Hello BlakKat,
I am sorry to hear of your recent bout with PF. Although I haven't experienced PT, I have experienced foot pain due to Lyme Disease, disguising itself as rheumatoid arthritis.
I recently asked a nurse friend for sneaker recommendations since she is on her feet many hours a day and she recommended a brand that many nurses are raving about. They are called HOKA.
I haven't purchased them yet myself but plan to try them and see how they feel.
Wishing you a speedy recovery on those soles of yours so we can get back to what we love to do - workout to Cathe!


If you need arch support, look at Superfeet. they are not cheap, about $50. they replace the wimpy little inserts that come with shoes and boots. you can move SF from shoe to shoe as needed. I have several pairs. they last for years. they are sized. support varies with the color of the model. I have average feet fairly normal feet. used blue( color coded) for a long time but am finding green is working better for me these days. Green has more robust arch support. the shoe you stick them into should have good fit and cushioning to begin with. for the first time its best if you can try them before buying. a podiatrist recommended them for me decades ago so I knew what to get.
Never use any Doctor Schells ankle supports. That is how I got it in my left foot. My doctor gave me some Voltran foot cream for it.

Sometimes you just have to rest it. That is what I did. You can do strength training without using much of your feet.
I hated that I had to rest it, but you will get better.

hope u get better,

jennifer Denny

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