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Sign Up Starts Friday Jan 27th at 1pm EST
Starting at 1pm eastern time
Yes, it’s official, the 2017 Glassboro Cathe Road Trip will be held July 28th through the 30th. Get ready to work out live with Cathe for several classes, be filmed working out on the exact set that all the DVD’s are filmed on, pose for pictures on this same set, meet cast members, be in a cathe Live video and of course create memories and make friendships that last a lifetime. Mark your calendars for an event you surely won’t want to miss!

Signup for the 2017 Road Trip will be held starting on Friday, January 27th at 1pm eastern. Historically, this event sells out in a matter of a few minutes, so be ready on Friday, Jan 27th at 1 pm to sign up. The Glassboro Road Trip is limited to the fairst 105 people who successfully sign up. If the event does sell out and you're not one of the first 105 people, make sure to sign up for the road trip waiting list. In the past most people that are on the waiting list eventually get in due to cancels.

On Friday Jan 27th a "Buy Ticket" button will appear on our information and signup page at 1pm eastern, but you will need to refresh your page to see it. In some cases you may need to clear your browser's cache in addition to refreshing your browser to see the button. We will also post direct links to the registration form on facebook and our Road Trip forum just in case you have trouble seeing the "Buy Ticket" button.

Four Important Things:
1. Only click the final processing button once. Once you click the button it will take 30 seconds or longer to process.
2. Make sure you use a credit card that expires after 6-1-16.
3. Make sure to read our cancellation policy.
4. Only 1 person may sign up per registration.

Your registration fee includes four delicious, full-course meals, 6 high energy classes, Q&A, Cathe time and other activities. You will be responsible for transportation & accommodations. We will provide bus transportation to/from the hotel and Four Seasons Fitness Center.

Good Luck Everyone!


*On Jan 27th at 1pm eastern you can sign up for the 2017 Glassboro Road Trip at:
Will you please consider letting us know if there is going to be a destination trip this year before the sign ups? This makes it much easier for some of us to decide whether or not to sign up. Personally, I can't afford two trips but would like to make one. It would be helpful to know in advance. I kind of get sick just thinking about how stressful it is to sign up for Glassboro. :(
As of right now we don't have any destination trips planned or scheduled for 2017. If this changes we will certainly let everyone know.
A little update on this. Daytona is looking like a possibility now for Oct 2017. Our hotel was knocked out by the hurricane last year (glad we skipped last year), but they just called us to say they have just reopened and have completed their repairs. We're are now considering going back to Daytona to either the same hotel as we've done in the past or another similar hotel close by. This is still not a done deal, but we're considering this now and just wanted to update everyone with what we know as of today.
Thanks, Cathe! I've never done the Daytona trip. Any chance for San Diego this year or is that still too hard to get space for?
I would say very doubtful for San Diego. The hotel is usually booked on the dates that would work for us and they're not easy to work with. Daytona is just a lot easier for us to do

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