aqua girl

Let's see if I can help. My descriptions might not make sense :) but I'll try to give you an idea.....

1- Squat thrust, jump on step & down, lunges side to side
2-Knee off side, 2 jacks, plyo jack,double side jumps, power 3
3-salute squats, power 15
4-4 wide jumps, 1 narrow,squat thrust & pushup
5-wide jump, plyo squat, power 3
6-jumps over on floor, up & down on step, on floor, up, down, then side to side & tuck jump
7-knee tap down, then jumpshot
8-3 power squats, rock back, squats in a box
9-straddle dn knee lift or might be straddle jumps (not sure)
10-step taps, touch down squats
11-swim lunges
12-leap(jump) forward, side, turn go over step & tuck jump

These might not be exactly right, but maybe will give you an idea to almost what it is.....hope it helps

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