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Of course, you'll all have yours and will have done a complete rotation with them before I get mine:p
WAAAYYYYYY excited.... I was just thinking - I preordered on the first day and did 2-day shipping - so I could have my DVD's in my hand Wednesday or Thursday - I would think Friday at the latest... whoo hoo.... How exciting is that!?!?!
I just read my message! Shipping starts Monday??? I preordered the day of so I should have mine soon!
Best news I received today. My boss's name is Cathy so I thoght the notice was from her and thinking I will take time opeing the eamil. My heart jumped with joy when I realized this is from "Cathe".

It was not a good Friday to me until then.

Everything is just fine now! :7 :7 :7
Thank goodness I decided to get 2 day shipping!! It always take a week for UPS to deliver cross country for ground delivery.
Ugh - I'm outta town until the 25th! I've already called my UPS driver so that if it comes while I'm gone, it doesn't sit out in the rain. Maybe I ordered late enought and UPS ground will take long enough that I don't miss out too much preview time! CAN'T WAIT!!

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