Sexy Moms & their Babes Week of June 6th


Aren't we a bunch of lurking weirdos this week? Lol

Well, I've been here a few times looking for someone to start us off....decided to go ahead and bit the bullet.

How are my favorite mommies?


Lazy day here. Gloomy & cold outside. I've been spending alot of energy trying to get back to normal. Mostly, I have been making sure I get a full night's sleep....which often time means going to sleep by 9PM. This leaves little/no "me time" to play on computer or tidy things up around the house....but my moods are improving & my anxiety is almost gone. I'm still waiting for my energy levels to return, but it might take up to 3 more weeks for that to occur.

Christine, you better take care of yourself and that respiratory bug you don't want to push yourself too much and end up in bad shape. ARe you getting alot of gunk out of your lungs? Icannot imagine running with a respiratory infection.

Susan, are you all moved in? When did you close on your house?

Jen, I"m sorry about your body acting up. Insanity puts an incredible amount of tension on your body! I know how much you were enjoying it.

Hi Allison, Precila & others!


Funny thing, I was looking for someone to start it too. Don't know why??

Melanie- I'm glad you are slowly but surely getting back to normal.

We hung out in the pool most of the day and did laundry and odds and ends. It was nice and low key, just what I wanted.

Hi to all my mommy friends! I don't know why we are all so weird but I miss our chatty times! :p


Hi, guys! I agree -- everyone has been very quiet these past few days -- hope everyone is starting to feel more like themselves :)

I got home today from my girls' weekend. It was so nice to just be *me* for a weekend! I ate a ton of really awesome food, drank some wine (and lots of water), and had a lot of laughs. I even tried my first chocolate martini, at the Hershey Hotel (yes, that Hershey) -- I don't like martinis, but man was that GOOD! Now I'm home, happy to see the kids and (temporarily) feeling recharged :)

Jen, I'm so sorry your back is out of whack. Resting might be hard to do, but you'll benefit in the long run. Can you at least do other things, like pilates or yoga, while you heal? My girlfriend aggravated her back due to excessive running; she did PT, lots of walking, and pilates. But during that time, she really mourned the loss of her beloved running. Did James sleep better last night?

Christine, it's a dang good thing you finally got yourself to the doctor -- pneumonia? Didn't DH have that a couple months ago? Homemade turkey meatballs sound really awesome right now. It was sooooo hot here this past week that I didn't cook much -- banana bread, some stir fry dishes, turkey black bean chili, and Outrageous Oreo Crunch Brownies (which I ate way too many of LOL).

Melanie, what a relief to hear that you need to increase the iron supplementation. But BOOOO that you were made to do that trip just to hear that, esp. since you requested a phone consult if possible. Great news that your anxiety is almost gone. I'm like you; when I'm off, I retreat.

Priscilla, how goes the visit with MIL?

Lisa, how are you and yours? Any more garage sale finds this weekend?

Susan, how did the move go? Can't wait to see pics of your new place! When do you start school again?

Waves hello (and goodnight *wink*) to all the other mommies!


hi everyone! just saying a quick hello. I miss you all!!! Should have time in the morning to finally catch up a bit.


Good morning ladies
Melanie-I'm glad you are allowing yourself to go to bed a bit earlier. I've been going to bed early since Caden was born almost 2 years ago! Sleep makes such a huge difference. Hope you get back to your normal, energetic self.

Allison-fun weekend away! THat's great you can do that.

Jen-what exactly is that syndrome? THat sucks you have to take an Insanity break. I know it's rough having your body keep you from doing what you really want. I've been mad at my RA lately because it's keeping me from lifting as much/as heavy and doing as intense of cardio as I would like (the feet have been grumpy!). But...I suppose we need to be happy with what we CAN do.

Christine-you still run that far with your sickness? Holy smokes. You are dedicated. Ok, I already knew that! That's awesome but rest up woman! :) I'm glad you had some decent nights of sleep. Is John consistently sleeping better, or is it hit and miss? Thank you so much for your offer for the bumbo. That's so kind. I ended up getting one from someone in my area yesterday. Reese looks like such a big girl in it (suppose the head full of hair helps with that)! I've become obsessed with keeping Reese off of her back. I let her sleep on her tummy the last 2 nights. I know, not advised. We do use an angelcare monitor, not that it guarantees her safety by any means, but it puts my mind at ease a little. I'll send her bumbo to day care, too.

Hi, Priscila- How are things going with your MIL? Hope you are taking advantage of an extra set of hands around!

Susan-how's the move? Try anything new with lentils lately?

Reese was 14.5 lbs and 26inches at her appointment. She's growing like crazy. How do your babies react to their shots? Caden barely cried when he got them, but Reese screams murder!

Had a great SUnday. Went to a small zoo, then to a park. When we got home, I realized I locked the keys in the house, so we were off to my parents' 45miles away, as they have a spare key. We had a great visit though...Caden LOVES seeing them.

Just found out I have to cook a meal for DH's family when we have a family weekend at his parents' house in July. Great. Cooking for people who complain about everything and don't care about healthy food. I signed up for breakfast...figured that would be easiest. Maybe an egg, veggie, potato baked dish?

Working a big day today. Vacation next week can't come soon enough. I'm so mentally checked out from my job. Lately I've really been wanting to be a stay at home mom...but it's not in the cards and probably never will be, so I'll focus on enjoying the time I DO have with my kiddos.


Allison- How wonderful that you had such a great time! Chocolate martini sounds yummy! I'm not a martini fan either but sometimes the flavors they offer, you can't pass up! It was good for your body and mind to eat fatty foods so now you will want your healthy goods again. I probably can do pilates and yoga (and probably should) but I am just not a good healer/patient. If I can't go balls to the wall (pardon the expression :p) then I just don't do anything at all. Not good, I know. I can tell I am on the mend though. Maybe by the end of the week I will try Insanity again. We'll see....

Lisa- That stinks about the keys but hey, the grandparents got a visit! Yay for that! How frustrating that you have to cook for people that complain. I enjoy cooking for people but not if they are picky. Your dish of choice sounds simple and healthy enough. The piriformis is a small muscle in your butt behind your glute. Mine acts up and develops trigger points when it gets overworked. It's usually repetitive motions like squats and such. It is common in runners too. I think this is the original injury before the 5k and then I just continued on through the discomfort. (I'm really bad about that) Before it gets any worse, I have stopped. I massage the trigger points out and then my glute is super sore (and sometimes bruised) for a few days. Now I am just waiting on the inflammation of my back and glute area to subside. Kind of long explanation....;) James initially screams at his shots but calms pretty easy.

Melanie- I've kind of been introverted too because of my injury. I get easily frustrated with myself and then I am grumpy about it, when I am the one that did it. So maybe we have all been feeling a little down. Sleep always helps me too. So are you going to be taking an iron supplement or do you give Myranda iron?

James made it through the night last night. DH thinks he might have been hot so we put him to sleep with less clothes and maybe that worked??? Or he was worn out from the fun and sun yesterday. Either way, I slept like a rock and now my neck is paying the price ( I know, what next? Back, neck...) because I slept on one side for so long.

Happy Monday all! Can't wait until we are all back in the swing of things!


Sorry that I have not been posting! I was just so sick and was sleeping whenever I could. ANd I was a very grumpy puss. So much better. I feel like a druggie. Just kidding, but wow did I need a lot to get on the right side of healing. I am on two antibiotics, zithromax and augmentin. She did not want me to get levaquin, which is better, becuase she knew I would not listen and would run. There is a high risk of achilles tendon rupture with the levaquin. Then I got Advair and an albuterol inhaler, those help a lot. ANd some Flonase. Whew. ANyhow, I feel so much better. I am sure you know that I am bad about takign time for myself. So I get really run down in teh spring every single year. Wonder why. Anyhow, got to get back you all!
Lisa- The Bumbo is great. Glad that you found one. Do you have a vibrating chair for her? I use that for JOhn and it is still sort of lying down, but less presure than when he lies in the crib. My pediatrician said that we could lie him in the crib on hius tummy, too. So do not fret! I have some recipes from cooking light:
jen- i know that spot! i injure it a lot and it is so annoying! i hope you feel better soon! i completely understand not wanting to exercise if you cannot go all out. i saw your pics on fb and you look great! hottie! yay for great sleep by james. john is hit and miss. i put a bumper around him so he would stop rolling over and waking up. he still gets up once a night and is up for the day before 5. boo. it is so awesome that your pool is such a success. Out of curiosity, you said you met dh at work, how did you meet? i met my dh at work too.
allison- chocolate martini sounds so good. great to hear that you got some girl time. it is great to get away sometimes. and all that sleep with no monitor to listen for. ahhhhhh! i will check out those recipes. our garden is making so much basil, so this is basil week!
melanie- any more news on the girls? do all the kids stay home in the summer? will that give you a break? how are you feeling today?
susan- thinking of you and the girls.
ok, typing one handed. bbl.


Christine- So I planted some basil plants indoors about a month ago and they are still small and looking like weeds. Do I need to move them to a bigger pot to get them to grow? I don't have a garden area so I figured a larger pot would do. How long does it take these things to get going??? I was DH's dispatcher at the PD...well, not just his but all the officers. We met about 10years ago but were in different relationships (I still thought he was cute). We would "chat" on the mobile computers and when the relationships ended (within months of each other, weird) we started to "hang out" in person. :D We've always been best friends which is the best part. I do understand why you get so sick because you take care of everyone else around you. You need to stop that and take care of you too! If you lived closer I would force you to! Thanks for the compliments! I am upset about not doing Insanity because I saw some real changes quickly (and especially in my abs) that I wanted to continue. It might not be something I can do as a rotation. Maybe 4 days a week right now. I tried taking James off the wedge he sleeps on (Keeps him from rolling over) and it didnt work, he rolled over. :confused:

Ok back to work! Glad to see this place up and runnin again! Maybe we all will be soon!


I"m pacing the floors waiting for DH to come home so I can go for a run. He's 90 minutes late and it's sooooooooooo beautiful outside! I can't wait to go for that run with the girlies!!!!

I called the pharmacy from next town over to see if they could use me a couple times per month. The gal sounded like they could and she'd have her son give me a call (he owns the store). She asked my "rate" and I told her how much I get and she said that was "$10/hour" more than she pays her current help. So...they might not be interested. We'll see.

The boys are entertaining themselves with the Halloween bin....both are supermen right now. They are having so much fun!

The girls were super fussy this AM. I was pretty anxious when the both cried from 6-930AM straight. Then Justin & Jadon were fighting and Jadon was crying. I had three screaming. :eek: *sigh* we made it thru.

Alrighty, Maddie if freaking. The girls have been nursing non-stop lately. It's making mama a bit tired...


jen- one handed... basil is sooooo slow before it takes off! give it a bigger planter and time. make sure you get good drainage in the planter to prevent mold. i put in rocks in the bottom below the soil.... i will type up my dh story tomorrow, almost exactly like yours! do doo doo doo!
mel- bad day! so sorry, growth spurt? maybe giving up a nap somewhere? sorry! hope you got your run in! bbl, but waves!


Lisa, yeah to upcoming vacation! Where are you going? I sleep with my girls, so they sleep on my chest all night long. We've done that with all our kids....cuddle them throughout the night. Both DH & I want to be extra close to our we sleep belly to belly. :eek: All my kids have done great with shots, we do give Tylenol though

Jen, have you been able to take it easy?

precila, how's company going?

Susan, you must be really busy. Are you able to keep up with workouts at all?

Allison, we will give Myranda iron drops. I am still taking my Prenatals too. I'm glad you had fun with the girls!

Christine, sounds like you are on the mend. I got my run in today. 4 miles seem like a little jot nowadays. I'm going to try to pump them up to 5 miles, with one longer run weekly. I might still do that 10 miler on Father's my Dad's honor. I'm going to do a 7 miler this Sunday, and if that goes well I will register for 10-miler, otherwise I'll do the 4 miler fun run on Father's Day. What do you think?

I work tomorrow, then DH is going out of town for a couple of days. I'll be alone with the kids (except my 16 year old who's at Bible Camp for the week). Then I work Fri & Sat. Hopefully the kids will be gentle on their moma Wed & THurs! LOL


HI everyone,

Boy, I'm gonna start from scratch here since I haven't been around in a long time. Remember that I used to post from work, well, we all got a lenghty email about the different rules, internet usage included so I'm trying not to use from work if I can. I'm off today so here is the update.

Yes girls, you all read it well, MIL will be here for 2 1/2 months, like I said before, we get along but most of our relationship has been long distance, this is the 1st time I get to spend so much time with her. She has been helping tremendously with Daniel and guess what?? She is even working out with me, I'm ok with it but I'm missing my high intensity w/o. She had heart surgery few years ago and all we do is Leslie Sansone (thought of you Susan since you enjoy her so much LOL). I tried to sneak in another w/o without her and she nicely asked why didn't I wake her up to work out LOL

We had some friends over today for lunch and it was nice to share with them. Did I tell you that i've lost my baby weight already?? but i have major toning to do, specially my midsection.
Daniel is 6 months today and we got some portraits at Target, will post during the weekend in my FB.

Jen, that sucks about your back! That's how I felt when I messed up my ankle too, and it was during Insanity too. I am planning on doing Insanity this weekend and see how it goes and just doind it at my own pace, which is really slow LOL

Christine, I didn't even know that you were sick. I'm glad you're feeling better though.I enjoy reading your post so much. Thanks for asking about us here.

Allsion, I LOVE cheese and specially extra sharp cheddar, I guess it's the sour taste on it that I really love.

Lisa, glad everything went well at Reese app. Daniel 6 months check up is in a week and I'm sure he had pack some serious pounds. He has grown a lot too.

Melanie, did you get your run in?? I'm pretty sure that helps you a lot. I am happy that you're feeling better and more energized.

Well girls, I'm off to read (I started a plan that I found online to read the Bible in one year and decided to start on the first of this month which is also my anniversary, I'm commited to complete it)

Good night and talk to you soon!!!


Melanie- I think that would be so special to do the run on Father's Day in your dad's honor. I have taken it easy but it is making me depressed. I tried Insanity last night and was going to take it slow but only made it thru the warm up and the first two exercises until I felt it in my back so I decided to stretch really well. We also have an inversion table which I hung from this AM and it seems to have helped. I honestly think it is just overuse on my back between lifting James, carrying his car seat (which I really think is the culprit) and Insanity. And none of those things I can stop doing... :D

Christine- Thanks for the basil tips! I will definitely replant...headed to Target or Walmart today. I'm intrigued about your story and DH....there are alot more details and I will definitely share if interested but I gave the shortened version so not to bore anyone. :)

Priscila- I missed you girl! CONGRATULATIONS on losing the baby weight! Do you have STS? I felt that Meso 1 really helped tone me back up and Insanity has put the finishing touches on. I am thinking of starting Meso 1 again because I enjoyed it. That is great that MIL wants to spend time with you by working out. I wish my MIL, actually scratch that, no. I don't wish she wanted to work out with me because she would talk too much. :D Even if they are easier workouts, at least it is something you can share together. Being injured is frustrating but it makes me count my blessings in other areas when I get down on myself.

Okay off to some meetings....I didn't share with you ladies but our finance director was caught embezzeling money (almost $50,000) from us (a non profit!) and we have been dealing with the aftermath. So far it doesnt seem that he has taken from anyone personally but we have a meeting this AM to talk about the taxes and something he was doing with them. I've been a little stressed about this lately because he has really wrecked havoc on our company and any hope of a raise that we might have received this year has gone out the window. :confused: I'll keep you updated and keep your fingers crossed that my taxes aren't screwed up for the year.


priscilla- great to hear you are doing well! my mil always says she will work out with me but then gets "busy" when i turn them on. i think it is great that she is doing them with you and appreciates fitness in your life! and hooray on weight loss. you are doing great at all things! and the bible in one year? wow!
mel- hope that you got your run!
jen- what about seeing a chiropractor? i have one leg a little longer than the other and my hips get out of alignment, chiropractors have helped. i do think that you are right about the carrier. i cannot lug fatso around with one arm anymore. i use the stroller a lot now. do you have car seat bruises? you know from it banging off your knees and thighs? i look like i was attacked by the graco.
lisa and allison- discs went in mail today, sorry I was so slow.
john is pooping on me. gross. so gross.
jen, I will type up dh and my story later today. i liuke learning more about each other!
We are off to see our friends in the east bay today. So i will be gone till afternoon. be good ladies!


have a couple minutes. both kids are GRUMPY today. Boo.
So, DH and I met when we worked for the same financial firm. He and his brother were in a team together as financial advisors. When DH was new, everyone had their eyes on him. We were good friends and I thought he was cute but I always swore that I would never date anyone younger than me and that I would not fish off the company pier for boys. So we were great friends for a while. He and his brother were out bowling one night and DH and I were talking on the phone. I did not realize that he would hand his brohter the phone when it was his turn to bowl, they sounds alike, so I just talked away. ANyhow, while DH was bowling a frame, his brother asked me out to dinner pretending to be him. I said yes. DH freaked. He came back and his brother told him we were going on a date the next night! ANyhow, we were inseperable after that. We hid it from people at work for a long time, but everyoen foudn out one day. We had a motivational speaker in and there was a big meeting, the whole office, about 200 people, were there. HE was going around the room asking questions and got to DH and asked if he had a girlfriend. He said yes. And then, teh speaker asked her name. My bonehead DH said Christine. Doh! I was so embarassed! Anyhow, that is the cliff note version. John is screaming. This coudl be a tough day. I bet he screams the whoel car ride each way. I hope not.


Ok so this may not be a big deal to some but I have only been pulled over by the police twice in my life and both times were people I knew. A friend and I went to lunch and were driving along when I got pulled over today. :confused: I was so nervous and shaking and we couldn't figure what I did. Apparently it was my window tint. So I used the famous line my DH always told me to use but I never practiced "My husband's a cop and he will kill me!" Well long story short, my window tint is not legal and I got out of the ticket. My friend thought I've used the line a million times because she said I didn't sound nervous at all. Funny thing is, there are two cops in our county (different cities, different agencies) that have the same first and last name as DH and even funnier, the guy's wife is Jennifer! :eek: Turns out, the guy who pulled me over knows the other guy but thought he was my DH! of the girl's I work with just told me a story today about this same cop who was working out at the gym she worked out in yesterday and he was giving her form pointers on pushups so I threw that out there too! I'm telllin, six degrees of seperation.... Just thought I'd share and needed to get it off my chest. :D

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