Sexy Moms & their Babes Week of June 6th


Melanie- Your kind words to Christine brought tears to my eyes. Hope the work day goes by fast for you!

Christine- My heart feels better knowing that John feels better. I am sorry you didn't get much sleep. I hope the run helps clear your head and lay your worries to rest. I swam for a bit with James and laid in the sun. He is napping now....I will hold off on a workout until tomorrow.

Off to make a grocery list and figure out dinner for the next few nights...I am getting back on the clean wagon. I let myself off this last week and just allowed my body what it wanted. But alas! No more! :D


So John has 104 degree fever. Has a bad ear infection. Dealing with that and the infusion which did help, he can move his arm now. My run cleared my mind. I ran twenty five miles and cried a lot but felt great at the end. This is a hard hurdle. Once we get a pattern with bleeds we can get the coveted port. His fever has been terrible. I slept maybe three hours last night. Ohhh ... And Jimmy has sinusitis. We are all on antibiotics and getting better but I want our family back. Dh is gone for six days starting Monday.
Personals coming tomorrow. I need to lie down with the kids....

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