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I've been consistently working out since mid-May 2017 after 2nd surgery in a year on my shoulder (this time it was frozen); 2016 repair rotatory cuff & labral tear with slap. I started back doing with Xtrain (30 day) mid-May thru mid-June; then Jun-mid August is did the monthly rotations until mid-September when I got my physical & blood work done. Oh yeah mid-July I was discharged from physical therapy with 98% use of my left shoulder.

In September my blood-work revealed the following high numbers doc threaten to put me on meds if I don't get the numbers down:
  • Cholesterol 229; LDL 139; A1C 5.8 & ALT (SPGT) liver functions 54; Glucose 100
I didn't get discourage because I'm on a mission & knew due to 18 months of PT, pain management & steroids caused me to gain weight & not workout the way I was prior to surgery. In addition dealing with ankylosing spondylitis for 11 years can be a challenge but I never stop working-out. In September I did 30 day Ripped w/HiiT followed by 30 days Strong & Sweaty; I finally convinced myself that I was ready for STS so I purchased my subscription and started STS first Monday in November. Finished it in February 2018 and went for follow-up blood-work and I'm proud to report the following success:
  • These are all normal: Cholesterol; A1C & ALT (SPGT)
  • LDL had a 26 point drop putting me on 13 point above normal
  • Glucose unchanged
My doctor is amazed with my progress and decided that due to my hard work she won't put me on meds and said to keep what I'm doing (eating right and exercising) and she's sure the LDL & Glucose will be in normal range in no time. I started STS again a month ago (I'm in recovery week) with the determination to have all my numbers NORMAL by my next physical and blood-work in August. Although my weight didn't change much, how my clothes fit has; I know with weight lifting I'll build muscle quicker than the fat burning off; seeing the change in my blood-work is proof that its working.

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