Second Time STS retaining strength gains?


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I have seen incredible results with the first time through STS 3.5 rotation. I've gone from an 8 to a 4, decreased body fat by a little over 7%, my strength increases are at a little over 5% and I am close to finishing Meso 3.

I want to do the rotation again, however, I don't want to lose the gains I have achieved and Meso 1 seems to be too light on weight at 60% 1RM. I am considering skipping Meso 1 and for the 2nd pass doing 2 and 3 only. Or doing the endurance cycle at 70% of my new 1RM. My other activities include kick boxing along with martial arts training and varied cardio DVDs. I can't afford a personal trainer at this time and was looking for ideas, suggestions or thoughts on how to move forward from those of you more seasoned than I am.

Thank you!
Sounds like you did really well! I also enjoyed STS - I've now done two rounds and some modified versions of it.

In terms of what to do next, it really depends on your goals. After talking with a friend who was an olympic coach, I decided to follow my active rest week after STS Meso 3 (first time) with a four week rotation of heavy weights. I restarted Meso 3 after adjusting up for my strength improvements, and did that for a month. He suggested that because it would let me enjoy the 'strength wave', and cautioned me not to stay on it forever so as to avoid overtraining.

After that month, I went to a whole body workout series for a few months, because I wanted to be sure my body was in balance as well as strong. I used a combination of TRX, kettlebell, kickbox, bosu, medicine balls, bodyweight and very few barbell/dumbbell workouts. That went on for about two months, and I loved it!

Then, I switched back to that rotation of Meso 3 for five weeks more or less. My upper body strength had dipped slightly, yet I'd actually increased lower body! To figure out my new levels I ran through the first week of Meso 3 twice in a row, experimenting the first time, and resetting the online values to match, then ran Meso 3 as-written from there. I ended up setting several personal records in late fall that way; my deadlift is now considerably more than my body's own weight, which was a personal goal I'd set.

After that, I did a variety of other Cathe workouts and emphasized cardio for awhile; but I love STS so much I went back to it in January, starting with Meso 1.

Through that, I noticed I'd rarely slip back in strength by more than a few pounds, and usually the reverse happens. The active rest periods and the bodyweight periods really do help me rejuvenate, so that I'm stronger afterwards or can easily regain my previous maximum strength after a week or so.
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thank you

Thank you - appreciated your response and could see a lot of good tips throughout. I am going to do M2 and M3 one more time and then start mixing it up. Incredible results with this program and I'm not bored with the routine yet.

I've worked out a nutrition plan that works for me and I'm losing body fat without sacrificing lean body mass.

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