Scheduling kettlebell workouts in rotation


Would it be a problem to schedule an upper body workout the day after a kettlebell workout in a rotation?

I'm do a half-marathon training program (running 4 days per week) and have been doing two upper and 2 lower body workouts per week. I want to switch my weights to one upper, one lower, one total body and one kettlebell workout per week but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to schedule it.

This is what I have figured out so far:
Monday: Upper body, run
Tuesday: Lower body, run
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run
Friday: Total body
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: Kettlebell

What do you ladies think? I get DOMS in my legs and glutes after kettlebells but don't seem to feel it as much in my upper body. I may cut down on shoulder work on the upper body day.


Lisa, not sure what all you do in your kettlebell workouts, but given how you say you feel, I think it's not a problem. I struggled with how to work them in, too, and in the end I decided what I really like doing is swinging the kettlebell, and for me that's definitely a cardio workout (and yes, my legs feel it too, but they feel it when I run). I've also realized I prefer traditional weights for my strength training, so I definitely am doing kettlebells on days in between strength training. I'm really enjoying this and happy I feel like I have figured out how to make it work for me (I know some people think I am crazy to do swings only).



I have the Iron Core II dvd which I don't really like (the dvd, not the kettlebells). I just ordered AOS Providence so that will be my workout for now. I'm just not sure how to fit what is essentially another full-body workout into my schedule without dropping weights down to only 2 days/week.


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